Saturday, August 1, 2015

On the First Day of Blaugust!


Yep, doing the Blaugust thing. 31 days of telling you what I've been up to in Hearthstone and WoW the day before. It will be so boring for those of you not into it, but if you want to know about how I'm doing, or what's going on, hopefully it will be fun for you.

So, what's been going on since last Monday? Lots of gearing up for Beasty in Tanaan Jungle. Lots of 650 gear and the odd piece of 675 and pushed Beasty up to 645. Priesty has been doing more PvP and we got the first Guild Achievement - Human Slayer. That's excellent. I hope to get all the 'Slayer' achievements, all in good time. Still selling stuff on the AH, but it's going slowly, although Priesty is now up to 48K gold. I think it's time to get slots 6 and 7 of the Guild Bank up for another Guild Achieve, so it will drop considerably.

Leveling is going well for the other characters to. Shammy is now level 67 and is almost ready to hit Northrend. Ely got to 60 and then did Winterspring to get mining up to 275 and hit Outland. She's now level 61.

There are only 4 left to get to Outland. I started off Voidbrit, getting her to 56 and almost ready to hit Blasted Lands.

In Hearthstone, I've been doing the daily quest each day, and doing some Ranked play. I'm actually up to Rank 20 now, and apparently, that's when the fun begins :) I'm playing a Basic Priest Deck.  I also unlocked all the basic cards (by getting every class to level 10) for another 100g. I'm saving my gold to open a Naxx Wing for 700g. Maybe in a week or so :)

That's about it. More to come throughout the month of August.

If you're interested in Blaugust, check it out:


  1. So you decided to do it after all :) Good Luck to you Lanky!

  2. Good luck writing. It looks like you'll have lots of adventures to share!