Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blaugust Day 9 - All Horde to 60!


It's the 9th day of Blaugust and things are going well, although I didn't get to play much yesterday, because we were getting ready for, and hosting, our first dinner party for 3 other couples in our new house.

What I did get sone this morning though is to get Combatbrit to level 60 and thus get all Horde to level 60. We're done with Eastern Kingdoms now, and it will be Outland Outland Outland until it's coming out of my ears for weeks to come :)

Yesterday, when I did get a bit of time, I worked on Shammy. She is now level 75 and questing in Grizzly Hills. Also, in doing the Garrison stuff, Beasty got enough Sorcerous Earth to craft another Burnished Essence, and increased her iLvL by 1.

Another thing I did this morning was to grind out a couple of things that were getting low. Savage Crates on Beasty, and Sumptuous Fur on Priesty.

Here's Priesty, grinding out Sumptuous Fur:

Priesty, all shadowy
I hope to get more play time today, to get Shammy to higher levels, and to do all the Garrison stuff etc. Big update tomorrow on the Master Plan.

In Hearthstone, I have decided to just make sure to do the quest each day. I got the Win 5 Games as Warrior or Rogue. So, I stepped on my Warrior and got it done, in about 10 games. The quest today is win 3 on any class, so it should be a lot easier.

More tomorrow.


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