Saturday, August 22, 2015

Blaugust Day 22 - WoW and Hearthstone


It's day 22 of Blaugust. Let's see what I was up to last night and this morning.

I didn't meet the goals I set for myself last night, but at least I did some of it. I did get Shammy to 96 - Yay! All set up with a Herb Garden and ready to go to Spires of Arak. It only took questing the first half of Talador with some bonus objectives and rares thrown in.

So, I didn't get Elfy to 80, but I did also play a bit of Hearthstone. I switched out the Win 5 Tavern Brawl quest and got the spectate quest. Pretty useless because I don't have any HS friends. Oh well, the other was win 5 as Hunter or Mage. So I got on my Hunter and got 3 wins in about 6 games. This morning, I finished the 5 wins, got a Win 2 as Shaman or Druid and won a couple on my Shaman in about 4 games. I switched out the Spectate quest and yuck it was back to win 5 Tavern Brawls. Not doing that.

Also this morning, I started leveling Voidbrit a bit. She's my Scribe, and will be the next to move ahead after Elfybrit. She did all the Naga quests, and made it to 62.

Another thing, after watching the Footy (Leicester vs Spurs), I got back on Shammy and headed to Spires of Arak. She got quite a way in, did the Pinchwhistle quests for the Salvage Yard, got the mining speed up pick, and is now 97.

That's where it stands. I'll probably get to play quite a bit more today, but we're going out to eat tonight, as our son is off camping this weekend.

I will finally get back on Elfy and get her to 80, and probably level Shammy and Locky some more. In Hearthstone, I might try the Tavern Brawl again, but maybe not.


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