Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blaugsut Day 11 - Soloing Old Raids!


It's the 11th day of Blaugust, Let's see what I got up to last night and this morning.

Last night, I did a few things in WoW, and didn't play any Hearthstone. There's no hurry with Hearthstone, while I'm really motivated by my Master Plan in WoW.

Priesty soloed a couple of old Raids, just before the weekly reset. She did Firelands 10N and Bastion of Twilight 10N. This netted just a bit more than 1K gold after vendoring everything. She's now up to 54K with the stuff she's been selling on the AH too.

I also played Elfybrit. I did a couple of dungeons on her, did some more quests in Zangamarsh, and now she's level 84. I also popped on Shammy and knocked out the first few quests of Mount Hyjal.

I didn't get to play all evening though, as me and the wife watched the season finale of Last Tango in Halifax.

This morning, after Follower missions, I spent time in Outland with Trappy and Hunting. I got Trappy part way through Zangamarsh and to level 61. I took Hunting there and fly around Hellfire Pen for a bit leveling up Mining, and then did the Kataru quest and got to level 61 too.

That's it for now. No pics today. Tonight and tomorrow, I'll level up some more characters.


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