Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blaugust Day 20 - Shammy and Elfy (WoW) and Brawling (HS)


It's Day 20 of Blaugust. Let's see what I got up to last night and this morning.

First off, Follower Missions and Prof stuff, and Mine and Herb garden for Priesty, Beasty, and Shammy (minus the Herb Garden). Then, I did Timeless Isle on Priesty and Beasty. Skipped Sunsong Ranch last night, because I only need to do it every other day. Then, I noticed that Clefthoof Cages were getting very low on Beasty (1!), so I went to Nagrand to get it back above 20.

Then, I changed my mind over just playing Elfy through to 90. I remembered why I wanted Shammy at 100 (converting Sorcerous from one to another) so I decided to play her a bit. She quested in Gorgrond, and soon got to 94, and completed the zone questing achievement. She's now back at her garrison, ready to do the level 94 quests in FFR and then hit Talador.

I played a fair bit of Hearthstone last night. I went in to Tavern Brawl, and had fun playing the new TGT cards. IMHO Inspire is a fine mechanic, and might actually be useful, whereas Jousting is really garbage RNG massive swings in gameplay and I don't like it at all. Well, getting a pack from my first win was nice, and on the second win (after about 5 games) I completed the quest (win 2 as Mage or Hunter). I played on European a bit too, getting the Druid to level 10 and starting on the Warlock (last one). On European, I think I'll just open packs with gold, instead of saving up and running NAXX.

This morning, I decided to get back to leveling Elfybrit. She hit up Shlozar Basin, and did lots of questing there. She also got to mine a lot of Saronite, leveling up Mining. At one point, there were others doing the same quests, so she flew around Wintergrasp, getting tons of Saronite, and Titanium Chunks and getting Mining to over 400. She's level 77 now.

That's about it. I think I'll play Elfy more tonight and see if I can get her to 80, with a combination of questing and Dungeons. I'll also Brawl a bit more on HS, because the quest is - Win 5 Brawls.


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