Monday, September 26, 2016

Progress on All Fronts!


Lots of stuff happened this week. All of it good.

First, a lot of my Humans made leveling progress and the lowest level of my Humans is now 36. They have all cleared through Cape of Stranglethorn and the last few are ready to take to the quest and portal to Western Plaguelands.

My Paladin saying goodbye to Booty Bay.
They're all pretty much spread out over the levels now, and I can choose to level in lots of different places. They are 73, 63, 54, 50, 40, 36, 36, 36. Progress across the board at getting to 85. And wow, is Monk leveling fast. You go to Serenity Peak and get a 50% leveling buff every 10 levels. In fact you get 2 hours of it. Before it even runs out, you've got another 10 levels and do it all again :) Oh, and I started a Night Elf Druid. I thought that seeing as I was getting Classy Humans, and I already had a Shaman, I might as well go for the Class Act achievement, getting one of each class to 85.

OK, lets' talk about something else. I was getting really fed up with the AH. Posting tons of low level mats and having them undercut, or not selling, and having to post them day after day after day. Well, I've decided that, other than Legion mats, and some Hexweave Bags I still have lying around, I'm just going to vendor stuff now. Well, that doesn't mean just vendor the mat, it means working out best value of what to craft with it, and vendor that. If you remember, my friend and I did that a long time ago, and we had spreadsheets for what to craft to get the most value. Here's a snippet:

Vendor value spreadsheet
So, I've been vendoring lots of stuff with Draenor Mats. In fact, I've made so many gems with Ore and Herbs that Lavabrit got JC to 700. Also, what this assumes is that all professions are maxed. I might actually have to level some the old way, so that I don't have to store all the mats until they all reach Draenor.

I did all the daily stuff on Insanebrit, and she's getting close to having the Sunsong Ranch farm fully upgraded, and will get the pattern for Royal Satchel in about 8 days or so. Insanebrit also got some play over the weekend, doing some World Quests, and some regular Broken Isle quests, and also completed the Halls of Valor dungeon. She's now got to 803 iLvL. I was also feeling so good about my Classy Humans progress that I played my Shaman a tiny bit.

The other thing Insanebrit did was solo lots of old Raids for gold.

Tournament of Champions 25N
Firelands 25H
Bastion of Twilight 25H

She needed to give Loopybrit 3.75K to get faster flying. But made it back easily running these old Raids. No MoP ones on 10N this week.

Insanebrit (110) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 787/Tailoring 720) - iLvL 795
Lavabrit (102) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 713/Jewlcrafting 711) - iLvL 717
Crazybrit (70) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 402/Leatherworking 80)
Looneybrit (36) - Human/Warrior (Mining 401/Blacksmithing 80) 
Loopybrit (73) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 367,Alchemy 80)
Mentalbrit (54) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 286/Enchanting 83)
Derangedbrit (50) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 239/Inscription 86)
Madbrit (40) - Human/Monk (Mining 125/Engineering 90)
Lunaticbrit (36) - Human/Mage (Tailoring 75/Enchanting 92)
Dementedbrit (36) - Human/Paladin (Mining 107/Blacksmithing 93)
Battybrit (63) - Human/Hunter (Skinning 363/Leatherworking 75)
Maniicbrit (10) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 20/Alchemy 1)

The plan for next week is to continue to work on Classy Humans, do daily stuff on my Priest, play my Shaman a bit, and increase the gold stash.


Monday, September 19, 2016

The Classy Humans Race!


Let me explain the title.

As you know from previous posts, when I was in my friends guild, I was helping her get the Classy Humans guild achievement. Well, I then split off my own guild, and thought that I'd get Classy Humans for my own guild. Well, last Thursday, my friend alerted me to the 7.1 PTR on wowhead. It contained this:

Classy changes
OMG - Noooooooo!!

So, with 7.1, instead of just getting those characters to 85, you're going to need to get them to 110. What the heck? It's a very strange time to be doing this, but that's what they're doing. So, I decided that I need to get Classy Humans before 7.1 drops. Hence it's a race.

Here's where I currently stand:

Current progress
I had the idea to level my Hunter straight to 85, but I ran out of steam at about level 54. That's when I realized that she had to do way more quests, because of no rested, and not doing cooking and fishing dailies. So, I decided then to level the lowest level one, and then the next one that became the lowest etc. I leveled them all through Westfall, Redridge Mountains and Duskwood. This morning I finished the last of them through Northern Stranglehorn. I also decided to dabble around leveling others a bit too, getting my Hunter to 58, and my DK to 66.

Before Thursday, I got my Gnome Hunter to 70, but won't be playing her any more until I get Classy Humans :)

On my 110, I've been soloing lots of old raids for gold, and have also set up a daily routine with her.


Tanaan Jungle Daily: For Oil, to keep shipyard running, for Baleful gear, Sorcerous and Apexis.
August Celestial Dailies: For rep to get the Royal Satchel pattern (decided that nice 28 slot bog will be the bag of choice for all my characters).
Tillers farm and dailies: So I can plant to get Motes of Harmony for faster Imperial Silk.
Timeless Isle dailies: For Windwool Cloth, and a bit of gold.

I really need to get everything set up on my new realm, so I need to get everyone to 100, get professions set up, get bags sorted out etc. and then finally hit Legion again.

On the weekend I also dabbled a bit on my 110, getting her some better gear from World Quests. I think I have Classy Humans in hand, so I think I can play her occasionally.

Insanebrit (110) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 785/Tailoring 694) - iLvL 795
Lavabrit (102) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 705/Jewlcrafting 374) - iLvL 706
Crazybrit (70) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 402/Leatherworking 80)
Looneybrit (31) - Human/Warrior (Mining 108/Blacksmithing 80) 
Loopybrit (66) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 367,Alchemy 80)
Mentalbrit (54) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 286/Enchanting 83)
Derangedbrit (40) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 165/Inscription 80)
Madbrit (31) - Human/Monk (Mining 89/Engineering 90)
Lunaticbrit (31) - Human/Mage (Tailoring 75/Enchanting 92)
Dementedbrit (31) - Human/Paladin (Mining 84/Blacksmithing 93)
Battybrit (58) - Human/Hunter (Skinning 336/Leatherworking 75)

So, the goal for next week is to continue the dailies, and get more towards the Classy Humans goal.


Monday, September 12, 2016

My First Level 110!


Yay. I got Insanebrit to 110 this week. She completed Val'Sharah, and went to Highmountain, and completed 4/7 to get to 110. I really really liked both Val'Sharah and Highmountain. I don't understand all the hate for Highmountain on the forums. Maybe it's because of all the caves and stuff, but I thought the quests were great, and the characters and stories were really good.

So, what's there to do at 110? Tons. I finished off Highmountain and went into Surumar to get Friendly so I could open up World Quests. Then, I took a look at my map and realized that you could play a single 110 all the time, for gold, gear, Artifact Power, Order Resources etc. So I started out doing some World Quests, and it soon because apparent that I wouldn't have time for anything else if I carried on doing them.

So, I've made a big decision. I've sworn off Legion for the time being. I only recently moved to Silver Hand, so I don't have the luxury of lots of 100s and profs at 700. I have so much to do to get to where I want to be on this realm. I should have moved ages ago. Anyway, no more Legion. Just Tanaan for Oil for shipyard for Baleful, and Timeless Isle for level 90 gear on Insanebrit, and leveling all the others. I've placed all Legion mats in the Guild Bank, and stored everything else in Insanebrit's bank. She also untracked all the Legion quests.

I made this decision over the weekend and have just been leveling since then. I'm leveling Crazybrit (now 68 and ready for Northrend), Mentalbrit (now in the Badlands at 47), Derangedbrit (now 36 and ready to head to WP). I also leveled others and made sure they got all profs to 75 for DMF this week. I also started my new Human Hunter, Battybrit.

I started leveling the new characters too, getting Dementedbrit to level 6 and into Stormwind to get professions (Mining/BS).

With all the Draenor stuff I'm doing, Lavabrit has been using lots of mats to level Jewelcrafting. She's been crafting lots of gems that vendor for 4g each. Insane's Tailoring is coming along, doing the daily each day and getting tons of Hexweave cloth for Hexweave bags. What else I did with Insane was run ICC 25H. She netted about 1K from the run. I'll try Firelands 25H next. One other thing was getting the Reforged Truesilver Champion heirloom sword for my DK, who I want to be a Frost DK. Lots of gold to get it and upgrade to 90. Ouch!

Insanebrit (110) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 782/Tailoring 448) - iLvL 792
Lavabrit (102) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 705/Jewlcrafting 348) - iLvL ??
Crazybrit (68) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 396/Leatherworking 80)
Looneybrit (27) - Human/Warrior (Mining 92/Blacksmithing 80) 
Loopybrit (61) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 305,Alchemy 80)
Mentalbrit (47) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 225/Enchanting 83)
Derangedbrit (36) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 147/Inscription 80)
Madbrit (30) - Human/Monk (Mining 84/Engineering 80)
Lunaticbrit (5) - Human/Mage (NA 0/NA 0)
Dementedbrit (6) - Human/Paladin (Mining 1/Blacksmithing 1)
Battybrit (5) - Human/Hunter (NA 0/NA 0)

OK, The plan for next week is to level, level, level. Also to run old Raids for gold, and maybe sell Hexweave bags for gold too. I hope to be back in Legion in a few weeks.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One Week of Legion!


I apologize for not posting on Monday, but I was back on the US East Coast for a wedding this weekend, and only arrived back in California last night. So, here we are with a special Wednesday update. One week into Legion. What have we got up to?

Well, I started Insanebrit into Legion and got her Artifact right away. I started her out in Stormheim, and I must admit that my first impressions were not good. Things difficult to work out, and to get to. Things so compact and squished together, rather than spread out like Draenor was. I stuck it out for a while, but switched to Azsuna where my Tailoring was telling me to go. Azsuna first from now on. Azsuna was better and seemed a lot easier.

I must admit that the difficulty of Legion seems just about right. I had to use PWS nearly every time off CD, and Psychic Scream a lot :) I didn't die that much, just a few times, which seemed just about right.

After doing quite a bit of Azsuna, she switched back to Stormheim, and completed it. It got better as the zone moved along, with more fun quests, and things easier to figure out. The ending cinematic was great. She also finished Azsuna, and I was disappointed that there was no ending cinematic. Strange. Insanebrit is now 107 and has started in Val'Sharah. This might be my favorite zone to date. I love the look of it.

What I did with Lavabrit was to complete some Draenor stuff. She got the Artifact first, but then went back and completed Spires of Arak, and a bit of Nagrand (she had missed all this, leveling with invasions). She got to 101 in Nagrand :). Now she has stuff to do in the Class Hall, and has started to do Azsuna.

Here's the Shaman Class area:

Shaman Class Area

Here's the Priest one:

Priest Class Hall
I'm really loving the Class Halls at the moment, and upgrading the Artifact Weapons. These are really great features of Legion IMHO.

I was also leveling other characters, and had lots of competing goals over the last week or so. Get Insanebrit to 110, level others to 100, level others and get profs to 75 for DMF. So I leveled Crazybrit quite a bit, and got all the others at least to 21 and ready for Duskwood. Only Insane, Lava, and Crazy have been to DMF so far, but I hope to get the others there to.

On the guild front, I broke off from my firend's guild, and now have my own guild. She was so good about it. I wanted to have my own guild bank, and work on my own achievements, and she was very understanding about it. A big thank you to her. So I now have Britannia all set up. I also started a Human Paladin and Mage, so that I have all classes covered (except DH). I'll work on Classy Humans for the Guild (just realized I need a Human Hunter too :)). I had to google synonyms for 'crazy', and my two new characters are Lunatic and Demented :)

So that's where things stand. I'm really enjoying Legion now, but have lots of other stuff to do. Oh yeah, and Insane and Lava are still doing Garrison stuff, with Insane also doing the Shipyard, and Tanaan Dailies. It's great doing Tanaan at 107. She can kill all the rares, and get the quests done really quickly. They're saving up Draenor resources to level other professions when they get to 90 too.

Insanebrit (107) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 775/Tailoring 393) - iLvL 752
Lavabrit (101) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 663/Jewlcrafting 228) - iLvL ??
Crazybrit (65) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 371/Leatherworking 80)
Looneybrit (27) - Human/Warrior (Mining 87/Blacksmithing 75) 
Loopybrit (61) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 300,Alchemy 75)
Mentalbrit (21) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 51/Enchanting 16)
Derangedbrit (21) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 48/Inscription 1)
Madbrit (21) - Human/Monk (Mining 57/Engineering 75)
Lunaticbrit (1) - Human/Mage (NA 0/NA 0)
Dementedbrit (1) - Human/Paladin (NA 0/NA 0)

The plan for next week is to get Insane to 110, and get pretty much everyone through DMF. Also to level Crazybrit more, and continue to do Garrison stuff to level Tailoring and JC.


Monday, August 29, 2016

It's Legion Tomorrow!!


Well, how can we ignore that. It was going to be all about how I got my 2nd 100 on the realm with Invasions, but we can't ignore that tomorrow morning, we'll be ready to face the Legion! Artifact weapons, Class Halls, new zones, new quests, new profession stuff, it will all be a thing. I'm so excited for it. I'll go to bed early tonight and hopefully be able play a few hours before work after getting up really early.

So, yes, I did get my Shaman to 100. That's my 2nd on the realm, and 27th overall. She was doing Invasions Invasions Invasions. She was keeping 10 of each small and large chest to open at 100, and opened all the others along the way. This way of leveling just doesn't give you enough gold though. She needed to have 5K from Insanebrit to get all the flying needed. One thing she did was take a break from Invasions at 80, and quest in Hyjal and Uldum to 85. She also did a little MoP, getting through the starting quests, getting to the Shrine, and getting flying. Oh she Draenor at 90 too. Well, at 91 I think. So, for 90-100, it was a mixture of questing and Invasions. Her mining wasn't getting leveled either, but I leveled it in Cata, MoP, and Draenor, and now she's up to 463.When I opened all the chests, she got all the pieces she needed, except for Leggings. Nothing warforged either. But she did get a Mace and upgraded it to 725. She's iLvL 687 now.

The other character I concentrated on was Crazybrit, my little Gnome Hunter. She did mostly quests until 35, then Invasions to 44, then hit the Badlands, Felwood, Winterspring, and Swamp of Sorrows. She's level 58 now, and will quest in Blasted Lands to get to 60.

I also decided to get a fully upgraded Garrison on Insanebrit. Why, you might ask. Well, I want the Shipyard for Baleful items to give to alts when they hit 100, now that Invasions won't be a thing. I tend to do this just to make questing easier. Get Timeless for when they hit 90, and get Baleful for when they hit 100. A bit late in the Expansion, I know. Let's see if I stick with it, after I sample Legion :)

Insanebrit (100) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 700/Tailoring 245) - iLvL 691
Lavabrit (100) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 463/Jewlcrafting 124) - iLvL 687
Crazybrit (58) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 307/Leatherworking 52)
Looneybrit (12) - Human/Warrior (Mining 48/Blacksmithing 55) 
Loopybrit (61) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 141,Alchemy 75)
Mentalbrit (12) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 26/Enchanting 4)
Derangedbrit (21) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 46/Inscription 1)
Madbrit (12) - Human/Monk (Mining 21/Engineering 20)

Next week, it will be Legion and other leveling too, I think. I don't know how much I'll be playing because we're going back East for a wedding from Friday, coming back Tuesday. I will take my laptop though, so I hope the Hotel has good wifi :)


Monday, August 22, 2016

It's All About Invasions!


Yep, it's all about invasions. Let me tell you what happened. I was leveling Crazybrit my Gnome Hunter. I finished off some quests in Elwyn Forest and Hearthed back to Stormwind City. But, I had forgotten to reset my hearth to SWC, so I was back in Tinker town. Coming out of Tinker Town in Dun Morogh, I got the notice that an Invasion was in progress, so I decided to check it out. It was lots of fun and she got some Nethershards and two boxes, and got from level 9 to level 13! She opened the boxes and got two pieces of loot that vendored for about 70g! So, she went from having 25s to 70g25s :) I know I should have probably saved the boxes until 100, but who the heck knows when that will be.

Insanebrit made it to 100 doing an Invasion too. She was doing Nagrand and got to 99 and about 85%, and I decided just to get in an Invasion to finish off. Yay, my 26th 100! After getting to 100, I took her through the Broken Shores scenario. Lots of fun, and quite the cutscene. After that she did lots more invasions, and got lots of 700 gear, and then purchased Ring, Trinket, Neck, and Back pieces with Nethershards. She's now iLvL 691! The only thing she was missing was a weapon, because she got a couple of Coalesced Fel. Well, a mace dropped, so now she has a 710 Mace, but no Off-Hand yet. I've got to figure out how to get a good one.

In other news, I filled out my list of characters on Silver Hand. I have 8 characters now, covering all professions. I chose all the rest to be Human, as I'm working on getting Classy Humans, for our guild. Here's my Mad Monk - madbrit (as a side note, I realized I didn't have any Monk Heirloom weapons, so i bought Venerable Mass of McGowan from Ironforge).

As you can see from the list of characters below, I kept with the Crazy theme. Crazy for starting all over on a new Realm. I leveled them all through Elwyn Forest and they're at least ready to hit Westfall, and Derangedbrit is already through there and ready to hit Duskwood. I also leveled Lavabrit a fair bit, getting her to 45 and just in badlands, she did a couple of invasions to, to minimize the time needed in Western and Eastern Plaguelands. She's got boxes saved for when she's 100. I do hope those will still contain 700 loot after Legion drops.

Insanebrit (100) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 700/Tailoring 163) 
Lavabrit (45) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 83/Jewlcrafting 83) 
Crazybrit (21) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 60/Leatherworking 12)
Looneybrit (11) - Human/Warrior (Mining 45/Blacksmithing 55) 
Loopybrit (61) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 141,Alchemy 75)
Mentalbrit (12) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 26/Enchanting 4)
Derangedbrit (21) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 28/Inscription 1)
Madbrit (12) - Human/Monk (Mining 21/Engineering 20)

So, I got a lot done this week, and there's something I forgot to tell you about last week. Well, Insanebrit needed about 1000 more gold for faster flying at level 70, and Demon Hunter had just opened up. I wanted to try one out, but knew I didn't really want to play one. So, I leveled up to 100 and got to Stormwind City, vendored everything and netted about 1400g. So, Insanebrit could afford faster flying :)

That's it for this week. The plan for next week is to level all the characters, probably concentrating on Lavabrit and Derangedbrit. Loopybrit will continue to fly around picking herbs to level Herbalism, and may in fact hit Outland.


Monday, August 15, 2016

Made it to Draenor!


Yay, I made it to Draenor this morning. A lot of leveling over the week to get me to this point. Let's go through it. But before I start:

At my Garrison

Here's me at my new Garrison in Draenor.

So, we started off at 60 and went to Outland. What was absolutely amazing is that there is no CRZ in Outland at all. It was truly a great experience doing the quests on my own, with hardly seeing anyone else around. This is what RP is all about :). Heading into Northrend at 68, I didn't know what to expect, but soon saw Moonguard and Wymrest Accord people and then knew that Northrend did indeed have CRZ. It wasn't too bad though. At least it's only 8 or 9 realms thrown together, not 30 or so.

I did lots more Borean Tundra than normal, getting to 72 there, before heading to Dragonblight and then Grizzly Hills until 76. Then it was a quick Shloz Basin and Icecrown to finish off. Cata fairly whizzed by, Just doing Hyjal and then Uldum. MoP was similar, getting to 88 in Jade Forest, and finishing off with a tiny bit of Valley of Four Winds and then Kun-Lai (making sure to get the Grummlepack).

So, I played through the Draenor opening this morning, and made it to my Garrison. I've started doing quests in Shadowmoon Valley and have got the Tailoring shack now. Level 91.

I also leveled Lavabrit a bit, to get her profs to 75 for the Darkmoon Fair. There's a problem now with DMF fishing though. You catch a lot of junk and I only got 2 Herring on her after about 30 casts and gave up. Insanebrit had the same problem, but she did it earlier in the week and I persevered on her. Funny thing was, leveling Lavabrit in Westfall, it didn't have CRZ the day before Invasions, but now does. What a shame :)

Insanebrit (91) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 569/Tailoring 81) 
Lavabrit (28) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 83/Jewlcrafting 83) 
Crazybrit (3) - Gnome/Hunter (NA 0/NA 0)

The whole plan is to get Insanebrit's Tailoring high enough to start crafting bags for others. Of course,  she should get to 100 soon, and then I'll start leveling others too, and probably start more characters as well. Things are going really well in this new restart.