Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blaugust Day 16 - Shammy haz Garrison!


It's the 16th day of Blaugust. Let's see what I got up to yesterday and this morning.

Shammy made inroads into Draenor yesterday. She did the starting stuff and got her Garrison set up.

Shammy Cheering in her Garrison
She also got the Alchemy quest, and completed it and got the recipes and is now set up to do the daily CD each day, and craft tons of potions and flasks (once she gets some secrets). So, she crafted up tons of potions and went from level 1 Alchemy to level 172. Once I get her to 500, I have tons of Green Tea Leaf and will make tons of Master Healing potions that vendor for 60s each. A nice little earner.

She got to level 61 and has four followers now, and has the Alchemy shack. Need to get her to 92 for the mine next, and then 96 for the Herb Garden.

I also played Elfy quite a lot, questing in Nagrand and doing Dungeon after Dungeon. She made it to 68.

I also stocked up on Trapping crates on Beasty last night as I was getting low. Only had 7 left, so went out and trapped another 20 or so elites.

I played quite a bit of Hearthstone yesterday. I decided to play Americas and get the quests done. I had the win 5 as Priest/Pally, and got on my Priest. The first 4 wins came in about 5 games, but the 5th took ages. Bad draw after bad draw etc. But I eventually got it against a Shaman that really didn't look like they knew what they were doing.

This morning, I got Combat through the Sporeggar caves, and also Hunting. They are now all at least 61 and completed the Kataru and Sporeggar parts of Zangamarsh. Nagas next :)

I also played at bit of Hearthstone this morning, completed the quest (100 damage to Heros) and got to 710 gold. I bought the 2nd quarter of Naxx, and downed the first boss with my Priest.

That's it folks. Major update tomorrow, seeing how I'm doing on the Master Plan etc.


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