Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blaugust Day 13 - Shammy gets to Pandaria!


It's the 13th day of Blaugust. Here's what I got up to last night and this morning.

After doing Garrison stuff and Sunsong Ranch/Timeless Isle, I spent all night on Shammybrit last night. She breezed through Mount Hyjal to get to 83, and then hit Uldum. She got Herbing to 525 and leveled to 84 last night. Didn't spend too much time playing, as Wife and I watched an episode of MasterChef.

Then, after doing Follower missions this morning, I played her exclusively this morning. An, she dinged 85 and headed off to Pandaria.

Shammy about to shoot the Alliance
It was great questing this morning, because hardly anyone else was around.Cata was really really quick, and I'm hoping Pandaria will be too. I got her through the first bunch on quests in Jade Forest and she's about 75% to 86.

She didn't do a single dungeon in Cata, and won't in Pandaria either. Let me tell you why. On the Guild Achievement side, I'm working towards 25,000 quests, so I want to do as many quests as possible. Also, I don't want her to get to 90 before she's questing in Kun Lai, and gets the Grummle Sack.

Oh, one other thing I actually did was do the cooking and fishing daily on Mageybrit and got her to Outland last night. Just holed up in Cenarion Refuge, no quests yet.

And, no Hearthstone last night. I'm so motivated to get Shammy to Draenor and have her start contributing to the Master Plan.

More tomorrow.


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