Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blaugust Day 15 - Shammy gets to 90!


It's the 15th day of Blaugust. Let's see what I was up to last night and this morning.

YES!! I got Shammy to 90 last night. So excited. Did Jade Forest up to nearly 88, then only a smattering of Valley of the Four Winds. Then on to Kun-Lai and finished off there. While I was questing, I also saw Sha of Anger getting attacked, so I joined in and got 476 from the quest off it. I got the Grumble Sack, and soon after, got to 90. Beasty mailed 4 Timeless pieces (I store them all in Beasty's Bank) to Shammy to give her a head start in Draenor.

Here she is, about to step through the Portal and help Kahdgar out:

About to help Khadgar
This was of course, after doing Garrison stuff, Sensing Ranch, and Timeless Isle. While Priesty did the Ranch and TI, she queued for Imperator's Rise, as she had the quest for it. Well, no loot, and the 645 from the quest was worse than the 670 PvP she had, but a fair bit of gold was OK.

I also played a little Hearthstone last night, leveling my Hunter to 10 against the AI, and starting on my Rogue on the European side of things.

This morning, Combatbrit explored all of Hellfire Peninsula, and mined up lots of Fel Iron Ore. She then did the Boglash and Katuru quests. Yay. All finished with the stupid Kataru quest on all characters. Mageybrit did the Sporeggar caves, and got to 61. Now Combat is the only one who didn't go to the caves yet.

In Hearthstone, I decided to play a bit on Americas again. I've got the win 2 as something or Warlock, Win 5 as Pally or Priest, and kill 40 minions quests. So, I built the basic Warlock deck, and knocked out the win 2 in about 4 or 5 games. I'll finish off the minions, and play my Priest later today.

That's about it. I'll take Shammy into Draenor today, and hopefully get the Garrison set up, and start working on leveling Alchemy. Also, I think I'll work on Elfy a bit.



  1. Do you intend on getting garrison 3 on all ? I am not sure if I am going to get it to 3 on my priest because it costs so much money, but I guess I can earn that back with the followers perhaps. Its annoying not having level 3 because that means I can't do the dailies.

  2. Well, I have to. My Master Plan calls for getting 675 on all, and the best way is in Tanaan. So yes, I always get L3 Garrisons on all my characters anyway.

    1. Guess since you have the goal on making a shit ton of money it's no issue for you anyways. I on the other hand :P Lazy bugger.