Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blaugust Day 30 - Disaster Averted!


It's the 30th (and pen-ultimate) day of Blaugust. Let's see what I was up to, and what the title is all about.

Last night, I came into the den expecting to play WoW for a while. However, it asked me to log in again (must have been 30 days), and then asked for the Authenticator code. Well, I got a new phone recently, so downloaded the Auth, and of course it didn't work. I couldn't understand why not, but it all makes sense. The Auth is tied to a particular device. My old phone was traded in and so that's a non starter. The saving grace was that the Laptop was still ok - phew. I submitted a ticket, then got in a live chat with a GM this morning. After answering questions to make sure I was actually me, they removed the Auth, and I'm now able to log in in the den again. Phew - Disaster averted!

So, last night. I did take Elfybrit into Draenor. She started on the FFR quests, got her Garrison started, and got the JC hut set up and started getting Taladite Crystals. She also got to 91, and got the crafted Cloak and Gloves from Preisty. The only other thing I got done in WoW last night was to convert a lot of Sorcerous stuff to Sorcerous Earth, and crafted a few Hexweave Bags for the AH. Also, Priesty made a couple of Hexweave Essence for Elfy.

In Hearthstone, I didn't do much, but got on Europe, and finished the deal 100 damage playing my Mage, and got the 2 wins required for a quest too. I crafted another pack and got 2 Temple Enforcers! They went straight in my Priest deck.

This morning, I just did the Garrison stuff, then the Cooking and Fishing daily on Locky, the Garrison fishing daily on Beasty, and Beasty trapped more Elites in Nagrand. I played Hearthstone on Americas, had the win 5 as Hunter or Druid, Deal 100 damage to Heroes, and kill 40 minions. I did Tavern Brawl a few times, picking Hunter, and managed 1 win be made good progress on the other quests.

That's about it. Last Blaugust post tomorrow. It will another massive weekly update.

I hope to play Locky a bit today, maybe Elfy a bit more, and get the Americas Hearthstone quests done.


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