Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blaugust Day 27 - Only 4 Days to Go!


It's the 27th day of Blaugust, and there are only 4 more days of it. It's been fun, but I'll be happy to get back to only doing my Blog once a week. Here's what I was up to last night and this morning.

After Garrison, Sunsong Ranch, and Timeless Isle stuff, I got back on Lockybrit and quested in Zangamarsh, and did Hellfire Ramparts, Blood Furnace, and the Slave Pens (queuing for them individually for the quests). She got to level 64 pretty quickly and I then parked her in Shattrath to rest up.

I also took Elfybrit into Pandaria last night, doing the first series of quests and getting to the Village for the portal to and from Pandaria. She also did the cooking and fishing daily in Orgrimmar, just for some XP, gold, and helping towards the Guild Daily quest goal.

Shammy also made the 640 trinket for herself, which made her iLvL 615 and ready for LFR (although I don't know when I'll have time for that ::).

I played quite a bit of Hearthstone last night, but it was quite frustrating. I played on America and just tried to bang out the 3 wins with any class quest. I took my Priest into Ranked, but lost twice and so decided to play casual. It still took about 10 more games in casual to get the 3 wins. I was drawing horribly. On some of my losses, I hadn't drawn either Northshire Cleric, even though I only had about 10 or 12 cards still to draw. I also tried to down the first boss of the third wing in Naxx. I tried twice with the Warrior I'd built, and failed miserably both times.

Then I played on Europe. Two quests. One was win 2 with Rogue or Paladin, and the other was win 2 with Rogue or Druid. Well, easy then, built a Rogue deck, and got 1 win, but then lost twice and just gave up for the evening. Really left me a bit dejected and wondering if I should give it for now, and concentrate on WoW.

This morning, I got back on Elfybrit and continued in Jade Forest. She did a lot of questing and got up to the point when she's about to do the quests where the NPCs tell their stories. She got to level 86 1/2. She also picked up quite a bit of Ghost Iron Ore, leveling mining a bit more. I also got back on Lockybrit and quested in Nagrand, banging out the first few quests.

That's about it. The plan for tonight is to play Lockybrit some more, doing dungeons and questing in Nagrand. Don't know if I'll play any Hearthstone, we'll see. Although I must admit that buying packs with gold and opening them is fun :)


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