Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blaugust Day 12 - Outland, Outland, Outland!


It's the 12th day of Blaugust. Let's see what happened last night and this morning.

Last night, after doing Garrison chores on Priesty and Beasty, I played Shammy quite a bit. I got her through a fair bit of Mount Hyjal, and to level 82. The rest of the evening, and this morning, was all spent in Outland.

I played Trappybrit in the evening. She ran a couple of Dungeons, did more Zangamarsh quests, and got to level 64. This morning, I took Voidbrit into Outland. She did Bogolash, Kataru and his minions, and then the Sporeggar, kill Klaq ones. Funny thing in the caves with Klaq. I suddenly noticed Void's health dropping. No debufs, no nothing, just dropping and dropping and eventually dying. WTF? Ran all the way back, and just before going out of the cave, it happened again. Anyone know what's going on? Anyway, she's holed up in Cenarion Refuge, and will do the Naga quests next.

Lockybrit also went to Outland and did Bogolash and the Kataru quests and then holing up in Cenarion Refuge.

Cenarion Refuge
So, Void got to 61, but Locky's still 60 right now.

I also played a little bit of Hearthstone last night, on the European side. I leveled Hunter to level 8 playing against the AI.

That's it, more Outland tonight, and maybe a bit more on Shammy, and a bit of Hearthstone.



  1. About the Void, seems weird, maybe a glitch in the matrix. Maybe it got stuck, or a buggy mob?

  2. Yeah, maybe. Like the fishes in Gun'drak that still do damage when you're on the bridge.

    1. Yep what I was thinking, maybe a mob was stuck in a wall, or your Void got stuck in there.