Friday, August 21, 2015

Blaugust Day 21 - Stuff Happened in WoW and Hearthstone


Day 21 of Blaugust and I'm having a hard time coming up with good titles :) Let's see what I got up to, last night and this morning.

Garrison missions, Herb Garden and Mine, and Prof stuff on my 3 90+. Then Timeless Isle on Priesty and Beasty. Then, I decided to level Shammy a bit more. She did the Frostfire Ridge level 94 stuff which was good, because she got more Frostweed. Then, she went to Talador and did a couple of bonus objectives, and did the Khadgar bit at the start. She dinged 95 and then I sent her to Warspear and she got the Alchemy Lab L2 plans. She's now got the level 2 Alchemy Lab, with a follower assigned.

I also leveled Elfybrit. She did some dungeons and a lot more Basin questing, and hit 78 last night.

So, in Hearthstone, I tried to get the 5 Tavern Brawl wins done. I had two games where I got the Hunter, bad luck on Jousts swung the game to the opponent, and I said - screw it, this is no fun. So, I popped over to Europe and leveled the last class to level 10 and got another 100g. I'll x out the Tavern Brawl quest to see what else I can get tonight.

This morning, after Garrison missions, was spent leveling Elfybrit some more. She got to 78 and 90% from doing the first sets of Icecrown quests, up to killing those 3 named mobs. So, I decided to hit Wintergrasp again for more mining. She got tons more Saronite and some Titanium, and hit 79, and got mining to 450:

Elfy mining Saronite in Wintergrasp
That's where I left it. Came into work early, so I can leave early this afternoon.

Lots of goals for tonight. Get Shammy to 96, get Elfy to 80, and do some Hearthstone questing.


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