Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blaugust Day 2 - Guild Stuff


Well, I spent yesterday playing a bit of WoW and Hearthstone, and doing other stuff too. Here's what I got up to in WoW:

Shammybrit got to level 68 and then did a bit more herbing to get to 375 and then hopped on the Zep to Northern. She's sitting there resting, before starting to quest or do Dungeons. Voidbrit made it to Blasted Lands this morning and is level 58 and will get to 60 tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Priestybrit did the usual Garrison stuff, and Sensing Ranch and Timeless Isle. She also killed the wolves near the garrison for a while to get Sumptuous Fur back above 100. Then she went and got the 6th Guild bank slot opened up, and headed to Org. and bought the 7th Guild Bank slot voucher for 10K. Yikes, 15k for 2 bank Slots, but 10 Point for Guild Master Plan is worth it:

Now 30 Guild Achieve Points
Funny thing. I wanted to take an area screenshot with Command-Shift-4, but that just isn't working for me at all. So I did a Command-Shift-3 to get the whole screen. Don't know what the issue is, and I guess I'll post in Mac Tech Support on the forums.

Beasty crafted another Burnished Essence, and then with the daily craft, got to level 700, for more Master Plan goodness. The only other thing Beasty did was to go to Nagrand and trap some elites to replenish the stock for the barn (7 Savage Bloods yesterday).

In Hearthstone, the quest was win 2 as Hunter or Mage, so I got on my Hunter and got it done in about 5 games. I also worked on the Expert AI opponents, and completed them all with my Priest Deck. All this stuff gave me 740g, so I bought the first wing of Naxx for 700g. Downed the first two bosses OK, but am having a devil of a time with the third boss. Just can't down it, even after trying a couple of special decks.

OK. Regular weekly update tomorrow with an update on how I'm doing against the Master Plan. Let's see what I can get up to today. Maybe Beasty finishing off zones and getting more followers is the plan.


  1. I wish I liked Hearthstone more. It's fun, but I get so bored/tired of losing to voiceless strangers too quickly. Then I quit, again.

  2. Those damn Mac's :P Hope you get that issue sorted!

    1. Well, I'll just take selfies until it does :)