Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blaugust Day 4 - Stocking up!


Yep, it's Day 4 of Blaugust and let me just fill you in on what I was up to last night and this morning.

Mostly, I did mundane stuff last night. I was stocking up on Crates (for the Barn) on Beasty in Nagrand, because she was getting low on them. I also was killing tons of wolves near the FFR Garrison on Priesty for Sumptuous Fur, to get it back up near 200.

Other that that, I took Combatbrit and Mageybrit to DMF for the profession quests, and then had them both head off to Swamp of Sorrows, installing them both at the Inn there, for questing later. I didn't have time to do Lockybrit, because my wife and I watched some TV together (Masterchef).

Oh, one other thing was taking Priesty to Warspear to get the PvP Head piece. She is now up to 656.

I did realize that if I'm going to get my Master Plan finished, I really need to concentrate on leveling those that are not 100 yet, rather than playing those at 100 (except for gold, as we need 10M). All the gearing up, reps etc. will come with time. Need to get them all to 100 first.

In Hearthstone, the quest was to win 3 games. So I hopped onto my Priest in Casual, and lost horribly to a Rogue Mech Deck. So, I got on Ranked, where I was 22, and won 3 games in a row and got to Rank 20 :). I also built a Mage damage deck, and on my second try, downed Maexxna (finally!!).

That's it for today, talk to you all tomorrow.

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