Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blaugust Day 29 - Elfy gets to 90!


It's the 29th day of Blaugust. Let's see what I was up to last night and this morning.

The title news will come at the end, because it happened this morning. Last night, after Garrison chores and other chores (Priesty was low on Sumptuous Fur and Beasty was low on caged elites), Lockybrit got more play time. She completed a few dungeons, did more questing in Nagrand, and made it 68. She's now ready to hit Northrend.

In Hearthstone (Americas), I built a warrior deck for the 4 Horsemen (last boss of wing 3 of Naxx), and it worked perfectly, taking down the boss no problem. I then did the two class challenges that it opened up. This first was easy, but the 2nd, Warlock, took me about 3 tries to get it right. I then went on Europe and saw I had the win 2 with Priest or Warrior, and deal 100 damage to heroes. So I played my Priest casually, and went 2-0 and got 1 quest out of the way, with the 2nd about half done.

So, this morning, I did follower missions, and then played Elfybrit until she hit 90. It was questing in Jade Forest until 88, then a little bit of Valley of the Four Winds. Getting into Kun-Lai, doing quests up to One Keg to get the Grummlepack, hitting Temple of the White Tige, and she hit 90 doing the Winter's Blossom quests. She then got Pandaria flying, and flew around VFW and Dread Wastes, leveling mining a bit (now at 584). She's about to step through the portal to talk to Khadgar:

Ely about to step through the portal
That's about it. No Hearthstone yet. I'll see what the quests are today, and try to bang them out. I also might try the 4th wing of Naxx. In WoW, I'll take Elfy into Draenor, and get started on the Jewelcrafting, I hope.


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