Friday, August 14, 2015

Blaugust Day 14 - Shammy and Elfy!


It's day 14 of Blaugust. Let's see what I got up to last night and this morning.

After the Garrison stuff in the evening, I got on Shammy and leveled in jade Forest a bit more. I got her to Dawn's Blossom, and did the first few quests there, and got her to level 87, ready to go to Valley of the Four Winds. Hmm. Should I do the Jade questline, or go do some VFW and then Kun-Lai? I'm torn.

I also played Elfy a bit. She's leveling in Nagrand now, and got to run Slave Pens too. She got to level 65. I've decided that I will level her ahead of the pack too. I want a max level JC to make rings for my characters. I'm thinking back, hands, and ring for the 3 crafted pieces on everyone. Maybe an Alchemy trinket or two instead of the ring on a couple. Don't know what I'll do with my scribe then. Maybe just craft basic staves to sell on the AH.

This morning, I dabbled with Lockybrit, Mageybrit, and Combatbrit. Lockybrit did the Sporregar caves, and had the same issue as Voidbrit the other day. I think I've figured out what's going on though. I think there's an invisible mob, because the sporregar there seemed to be fighting against someone. So, I was getting hit with Entagling Roots, and ran away and away and eventually it stopped. I didn't die this time, thankfully. Anyway, she got to 61. I had Magebrit do the Kataru and Boglash quests, and then hole up in the Inn. I had Combatbrit do the Fishing and Cooking daily in Org, and then headed to Hellfire Pen and flew around mining Fel Iron Ore, before holing up in Thrallmar.

No Hearthstone again. I'll probably play a bit over the weekend though.

That's it, the plan tonight is to level Shammy and Elfy some more.


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