Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blaugust Day 26 - I Love My Follower Missions!


It's the 26th day of Blaugust. Let's see what I was up to last night and this morning.

Well, as the title says, I do love follower missions. Especially when this shows up:

Blingtron's Secret Vault - 4000g
It's the first time I've had this mission for ages. Really nice, and got Priesty to over 90K this morning. Priesty, Beasty, and Shammy are all doing their follower missions now, and the gold is flowing nicely (even though not as much as before the nerf).

So, Shammy got invited to visit a Herb Trader, and she got all the Trinket recipes, and all the Transmute stuff. So she transmuted tons of other Sorcerous into Sorcerous Earth. Beasty then made 4 Burnished Essences. She used 2 on her Gloves, and sent 2 to Shammy for her Gloves.

I also leveled Voidbrit some more last night, doing lots of dungeons and questing in Nagrand. Funny thing though. I realized I was leveling the wrong character. She's not my Scribe, Lockybrit is. Duh! Anyway, got her to 66, and then stopped.

On Hearthstone, I had the win 3 as Paladin on Americas. So, I played a couple of games and got 1 win. But then (in casual mind you) I faced an absolutely top tier Warrior Grim Patron deck. I lost, and gave up for while. But I decided to come back later to see if I would actually have fun again, and I did, getting the other 2 wins in about 4 games.

This morning, I leveled Elfybrit in Uldum. Lots of quests and Elementium Ore later, she dinged 85! Ready to go to Pandaria now. I really enjoyed just questing away in Cata in the mornings. Hardly anyway else around. It was great. I also corrected my mistake, and did the Naga quests on Lockybrit, getting her close to 62.

I played a smidgen of Hearthstone this morning. I purchased the final 3 wings of Naxx for 14.99 and tried out my Priest against the first boss of the third wing. It wasn't really close, and I lost. I will look up strats for it, but I think running with tons of Taunts, and > 3 health minions and healing would be good. Maybe a warrior for Armor too.

That's it. More tomorrow. Tonight I will level Lockybrit more, I think, and may take Elfybrit into Pandaria, or leave that to tomorrow. In Hearthstone, I'll try to get quests completed.



  1. Holy crap, 4k on a mission? Insane..That's as much gold I have on my priest :P

  2. LOL. Yeah, it's a rare 1000g mission buffed by 3 followers with Treasure Hunter.

  3. Yeah, those treasure hunters are neat. I haven't played enough with my garrison to make profit atm