Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blaugust Day 23 - Elfy gets to 80!


It's the 23rd day of Blaugust. Let's see what happened yesterday and this morning.

Yay, I got Elfybrit to 80 last night. She did each dungeon once to get the quests. Halls of Stone (easy run) followed by Halls of Lightning (not so easy). Let me tell you about HoL. The Tank hadn't been there before and kept going the wrong way. The Tank couldn't keep aggro and the healer wasn't great. A DPS was AFK and when we got a new one they lagged behind. It was the dungeon from hell, dying a few times on the first boss. I took it upon myself to talk to them and tell them what to do, and we didn't have any wipes after the first boss. She dinged 80 handing in the quests.

I also leveled Shammy more yesterday too. She did the whole of Spires of Arak, and hit 98 before the end of it. She's ready for Nagrand.

In Hearthstone, I did try Brawls again. Got 2 wins as Mage, then 2 losses as a Hunter and quit. I'm sure I did something else but can't remember now, LOL.

Anyway, this morning, I started Elfybrit in Mount Hyjal. She breezed though quite a few quests, due to the lack of CRZ in the morning, and then got to the Shrine of Goldrin.

Elfy in Mount Hyjal
She's now level 81.

I also played Shammy this morning. She's now questing it Nagrand, and got Lantressor as a follower. Get down the mine, Lantressor. She also got her herb garden upgraded to level 2 and assigned a follower to it. Shammy also got in Skyreach for the end quest of Skyreach, and to get the 640 ring. It was a great run. Tank and Healer were awesome.

In Hearthstone, I got on European, and defeated each expert AI with my Basic Priest. This got me to 600 gold, and I bought 6 packs. It was fun opening them. Then I built and aggressive damage deck for the 100 hero damage quest, and knocked it out.

So, that's where it stands. I hope to get Shammy to 100 later today. Massive weekly update tomorrow.


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