Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blaugust Day 6 - It's all about Shammy!

Hi on the 6th day of Blaugust,

Well, not all, but after the Garrison stuff and Sunsong Ranch and Timeless Isle on Priesty last night, it was time to move Shammy ahead again. She's still questing in Borean Tundra, and queued for a random Dungeon and got Utgarde Keep again. So, she got to 71 very quickly, and made it to 72 too. She's not even finished much of BT, but I'll move her on to Dragonblight soon.

In the evening, I played a bit of Hearthstone too. The quest was win 2 as Druid or Rogue. I actually played my aggressive Druid that I had been tuning for Maexxna. Only took 3 games to win 2 in Casual. Then I decided to play my Priest in Ranked, lost the first, losing a star, and won the second, gaining a star.

This morning, I started saying goodbye to Swamp of Sorrows. Just two to get through there. Locky made it all the way through, got to 57, and is now in Blasted Lands.

Locky in Swamp of Sorrows
I made a head start on Combatbrit, doing the first few quests in SoS for the last time. She's holed up in Bogpaddle, ready to head off to finish them off tomorrow morning.

That's about it, watched a bit of TV with the wife last night too (Last Tango in Halifax).

In half an hour, we'll know about the next WoW expansion, which I will report on tomorrow.


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