Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blaugust Day 19 - Elfy and Druid (HS)


It's the 19th day of Blaugust. Let's see what I was up to last night and this morning.

After doing the Garrison stuff on Priesty, Beasty, and Shammy. Then Sunsong Ranch on Priesty and Timeless Isle on both Priesty and Beasty, I spent last night leveling Elfybrit. She did more Dragonblight and Dungeons, and got to level 74. Then she headed over to Grizzly Hills and got to 75 before the end of the evening.

This morning, she quested more in Grizzly Hills, and flew all around Howling Fjord leveling up Mining and getting lots of Cobalt Ore. She ended up in Granite Springs:

Elfy about to hit 76
She didn't have to do many quests there, and soon after, she was 76 and hearthed back to Dalaran.

The plan is to continue on Elfy to 90. I may try and get them all to 90 before further leveling Shammy, but I'll probably change my mind at some point.

Hearthstone: The quest last night was win 5 as Druid or Rogue. So, I fired up my Druid deck, looked up Basic Druid Deck on, built it, and went into to Play mode. It didn't take that many games to get 5 wins. I think I actually went 5-2. One win was very lucky. Against a Hunter, he was about to clear my board and have a real winning advantage, but then he roped out, and next turn - Opponent has Left. Boom. Phew.

I leveled a Druid on the European Realm this morning, winning about 3 games against the AI.

That's it folks. More tomorrow.


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