Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blaugust Day 5 - Everyone Through DMF


It's the fifth day of Blaugust. Here's what I got up to, in WoW and Hearthstone, last night and this morning.

In WoW, I took the remaining 5 characters to DMF to do the profession quests. They are all done now. I do have to remember to go back and hand in the stuff from Dungeons though. And then, I think I'll buy more DMF boxes to convert tokens into gold.

I also got Lockybrit to Swamp of Sorrows, ready to quest to 60. On Priesty, I know I was saying I won't be doing high level content now, but she did have the Ko'ragh quest, so she queued for Arcane Sanctum, while doing Sunsong Ranch and Timeless Isle. She didn't get any loot in the Raid wing, but got a 655 trinket from the quest, which was a nice upgrade from 645. Another was, I realized she had enough Sorcerous Water to craft two Hexweave Essence. So, she upgraded both her Cloth cratfed pieces to level 4. She's now at 658.

This morning, after the Follower missions, I got Mageybrit to level 60 in Blasted Lands. Now I only have Lockybrit and Combatbrit to get to 60. It's going to feel really good once they're all in Outland. I can quest in piece in the morning, and run dugeons and quest at night. Speaking of which, Shammy did get a bit of play last night, and completed the Nexus, and is almost level 71.

In Hearthstone, the quest was to deal 100 damage to opposing Heroes. I thought about playing a different deck, but just got on Ranked on my Priest to grind it out instead. It took me 5 games to get it, going 3-2. I think I'm at Rank 19 now. I also played a bit on the European realm, leveling up a Warrior.

More tomorrow.

BTW: Simple gob-smacked about the Subs numbers from the quarterly Activision report. 5.6 Millions, down another 1.5 Million in the quarter. Let's hope the next Expansion, to be revealed tomorrow, really knocks our socks off.


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