Friday, August 7, 2015

Blaugust Day 7 - Legion!


Well, it's day 7 of Blaugust and I'm here to talk about the next Expansion of WoW, that was announced yesterday. Without further ado, what do we get in the new Expansion:

1. New Continent, the Broken Isles

Awesome. A new continent to quest in. I like new zones, and I love leveling. The new continent looks like a lot of fun.

2. New Class - Demon Hunter

Gosh, it had to be Melee, didn't it. Not for me then. I might play one just to see what it's like, but will soon go back to all my Ranged characters.

3. Artifact Weapons

Hmm. This looks kind of cool, I guess. It all depends how we get to boost them up and whether any of the content required is gated behind stupid things like Proving Grounds or not.

4. Class Specific Order Halls and Followers

OK, but why? It's not instanced, so you're hanging around with loads of others from your class. So how are you the champion of the class, if everyone else is? I guess I need to see all the things you can do in these Halls before really appreciating them. And followers, but not really followers. They're like glorified NPCs that you can go do things with, find new areas for you etc. OK, I guess.

5. All new Dungeons and Raids

Awesome. Tons more Dungeons and a couple of Raids. This will be great, as they've said they want Dungeons to remain relevant. Need to see how they accomplish this, and whether there's any stupid gating of Heroics with Proving Grounds. Hopefully they'll go back to the model of - have to complete every single dungeon on regular before you can queue for Heroic.

6. New World Bosses

Good. Like Rukmar, Kazzak etc. I guess. Group content I do sometimes, so having World Bosses is definitely content we need at max level.

7. Level Cap Raised to 110

Awesome. I love leveling, and 10 more levels for my 100s will be great. Leveling in a new Continent will be lots of fun.

8. Revamped PvP Progression System

The is really good. I don't PvP myself, but I can see the advantages of this, and it means that PVE stuff won't be affected so much by having to cater to PvP. All good here.

9. Improved Transmogrification System

Again, I don't do any Tmog myself, but can see how this is a good thing for those that do.

10. Improved Social Features

Hmm, I have no idea what this is. I don't believe they talked about it either. I'll have to wait and see.

11. Character Boost to 100 for one character

I'm all for that. I may just do a Plate Wearer, to supplement all my current Horde characters, for the Plate timeless Isle stuff, and maybe to get BS too, for more Sorcerous Earth from Work Orders.

12. And more.....

There better be more. There are lots of questions that need answering, like:

a. What else is there to do at max level (Dailies?)?
b. When will we be able to fly?
c. How will Faction Rep be handled?
d. How will professions be handed?

So, overall, Legion looks like a fine Expansion. Need to know more about it, but I'm pretty sure I'll be buying it on at least one account. I'm a bit disappointed that the follower concept isn't carried over and that we don't get Housing, just Class Halls.

Back to regular programming tomorrow, with my WoW and Hearthstone progress. Let's just say that I'm all done with Swamp of Sorrows now, and in Hearthstone, I had a bad experience that has left me wondering whether I should play any more.



  1. Char boost is to 100 Lanky, not 110 :D I am glad you like some of the things, they are going to do something about the professions, what they will do is unknown still

  2. Duh, mistyped 110. Will fix. Thanks.