Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Playing Again!!


Well, my elbows are not fully healed yet, but I'm playing a bit again now. I'm actually not playing on the laptop which is causing the issue (certainly with my left one), but am playing on the clunky 7 year old iMac we have. It takes quite a while to log in, and to load the graphics etc., but it's ok if you play on one character for a while. It's not at all conducive to switching between characters a lot.

So, what have I been up to. Well, here's the thing. I know that Vulpera are coming in 8.3 and I really want a new Vulpera Warlock. So, what to do? Well, here's my thought process. I am going to need bags (Royal Satchel, Hyjal bag etc.) so I want to get a Tailor up and running again. Mageybrit was still a Tailor, but she didn't have the August Celestials rep, and I'm really thinking she will be the one I delete to make a Vulpera. So, I took up Tailoring again on Priestybrit. She headed off to Pandaria and started leveling up MoP Tailoring.

Waiting for Windwool Cloth to grow :)
She got her Tailoring to 50/75 already and now has 4 Imperial Silk. She'll soon have a Royal Satchel. It is nice now that professions are 'per expansion' and you don't have to level from level 1 in the old world.

So, I played my Tailor on Draenor too. I realized that KulTiranBrit was lacking a Royal Satchel. So, Pallybrit is doing the daily Imperial Silk too.

So, here's the thing. I'm honestly thinking of switching my characters to have other professions again. That's right, get away from all gathering and back to other professions. I really miss having them. It was great making all that gold from gathering early in BFA, but what you can get for all the herbs, ore, and skins is not that great any more. So, I may well do that soon. Maybe try that that on one character and see how it goes? In fact, might this be a model for each expansion. Have gathering professions for the first year, and then switch to other professions?

OK, so I've just been leveling my level 90s. All my Silver Hand characters made it to 93, and now I'm working on Beastybrit on Garrosh. I know I could wait until Shadowlands and faster leveling, but  that's about 10 months away.

Anyway, I've kind of sworn off gold making for now. I might actually switch to a subscription next summer.

Oh, I should just give an update on my Shadowlands Review: It looks like you 'will' be able to solo old raids even at level 50. There's something called Chromie Time where you talk to Chromie to make all the zones 10-50. But you can also turn it off, to have MoP the appropriate level compared to BFA etc. Good stuff. It was my only major concern with Shadowlands.


Lockybrit (120) - Blood Elf/Warlock - iLvL 395
Voidbrit (120) - Blood Elf/Warlock - iLvL 392
Nbornebrit (120) - Nightborne/Warlock - iLvL 392
Huntingbrit (120) - Blood Elf/Hunter - iLvL 397
Beastybrit (110) - Blood Elf/Hunter
Trappybrit (110) - Blood Elf/Hunter
Priestybrit (101) - Undead/Priest
Shammybrit (101) - Orc/Shaman 
Elfybrit (101) - Blood Elf/Priest
Mageybrit (101) - Blood Elf/Mage
Combatbrit (101) - Blood Elf/Rogue

Pallybrit (102) - 
Blood Elf/Paladin
Zandybrit (93) - Zandalari Troll/Hunter

Silver Hand:

Mentalbrit (120) - Human/Warlock - iLvL 386
Lavabrit (120) - Draenei/Shaman - iLvL 392
Insanebrit (111) - Human/Priest

Crazybrit (111) - Gnome/Hunter 
Battybrit (110) - Human/Hunter
Loopybrit (110) - Human/Death Knight
Derangedbrit (101) - Human/Rogue
Looneybrit (93) - Human/Warrior 
Madbrit (93) - Human/Monk 
Lunaticbrit (93) - Human/Mage 
Dementedbrit (93) - Human/Paladin 
Maniacbrit (93) - Night Elf/Druid
Bonkersbrit (93) - Void Elf/Warlock


Felbrit (120) - Human/Warlock - iLvL 390
Draenybrit (120) - Draenei/Hunter - iLvL 394
Voidbrit (120) - Human/Warlock - iLvL 399
Priestybrit (120) - Human/Priest - iLvL 395
Elfyvoidbrit (120) - Void Elf/Warlock
 - iLvL 367
Shammybrit (112) - Draenei/Shaman
Stabbybrit (111) - Gnome/Rogue
Demonbrit (103) - Night Elf/Demon Hunter
Beastybrit (90) - Human/Hunter
Lightbrit (90) - Lightforged Draenei/Paladin
Frostybrit (90) - Human/Mage


Flictionbrit (120) - Gnome/Warlock - iLvL 397
Unstablebrit (113) - Human/Warlock
Flayingbrit (110) - Human/Priest
Draenybrit (110) - Draenei/Shaman
Gnomeybrit (110) - Gnome/Priest
Fengsuibrit (110) - Pandaren/Hunter
Boomybrit (105) - Night Elf/Druid 
Blizzybrit (101) - Draenei/Mage
Pallybrit (101) - Human/Paladin
Bamboodbrit (101) - Pandaren/Priest
Kultiranbrit (90) - Kul Tiran/Hunter

Echo Isles:

Shaolinbrit (101) - Pandaren/Monk
Slealthybrit (110) - Pandaren/Rogue

That's it for this week. More leveling and Tailoring next week.


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