Sunday, November 3, 2019

My Shadowlands Review!!


Well, Blizzcon is now over, and we have a lot of information on the next WoW expansion: Shadowlands. So, what are the major features:

1.  2020 Release Date

Sounds good. Before the end of 2020, probably in the August -> November timeframe

2. 5 New Zones

Sounds good. New zones in a new continent is always the best. I'm sure they will be stunning, and a pain to navigate on a ground mount :)

3. Level Squish to 50, Level to 60 in Shadowlands

Nothing wrong with this in principal. A straight level squish with leveling the same at it is now. I have no problem with our levels being cut at all.

4. Revamped Leveling Experience - Level 1-10 in a new zone, 10-50 in any expansion, 50-60 in Shadowlands.

Omg. This is the killer for me. Get from 10-50 in a single expansion? Can choose any Expansion? Extrapolate from this and everything in every expansion scales from 10-50. That's going to be awful. And why the heck is it 10 levels in Shadowlands? What about the next expansion? Will Shadowlands just be added to the expansions for 10-60 play? Arrggh. If they announce that WoD and before Raids won't be legacy loot for level 50s, that will be it for me. No more WoW.

5. Choose a Covenant - Gain two abilities, one class specific. Changes your gameplay.

Fine. Sounds good. I don't think this choice really matters for a casual like me. Just choose the one most in line with what you're playing.

6. Torghast, Tower of the Damned - Endless ever-changing dungeon that can be played solo or with up to 4 players

This sounds like end-game stuff that I just wouldn't participate in. It's probably only needed for the min-maxers for Raiding etc.

7. Improved Character Customization for existing races - Hide bones on Undead, Wildhammer Dwarf Tattoos, and more

This sounds amazing. Some of the stuff for Humans (of which I play a lot) is great too. 

8. 4 Dungeons while leveling and 4 more Max level Dungeons

Whatever. I haven't really cared about dungeons except for getting stuff you needed from them for professions.

9. A new Raid

Blah. Whatever. Cool. Go have fun, you Raiders.

I'm sure there's tons of stuff I've missed. But the main things are really the Covenants and the Leveling stuff.

So, the upshot of this is that this is probably the end of my time in WoW. This might well be my last blog post.


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