Monday, February 1, 2016

Sooo Bored and Frustrated, and thus....


Yep, not enjoying myself in WoW any more. I'm getting increasingly bored and frustrated with it. I find myself messaging my friend so many more 'Yuck', 'Yikes', 'Dammit' messages than 'Yay', 'Sweet', etc. ones.

I'm bored with doing Garrison chores.
I'm bored with running Follower missions.
I'm bored with the Shipyard.
I'm bored with doing Tanaan Dailies.
I'm bored with killing Kazzak.
I'm bored with LFR.
I'm bored with grinding rep.
I'm bored with running old Raids.

I'm frustrated with the amount of Preserved Mining Picks I'm getting.
I'm frustrated with the amount of Felblight I get from Kazzak.
I'm frustrated with the crew I get on new ships at the Shipyard.
I'm frustrated with the queue times for LFR.
I'm frustrated that I need Proving Grounds to queue for Heriocs.

In other words, everything is just now boring or frustrating. I think I'm burnt out, and I think WoW is a game that has moved away from something that I can have fun with.

I used to have fun leveling tons of characters. But with CRZ that is horrible, and not something I want to contemplate. I used to have fun doing tons of dailies in MoP, and running Heroics. But now we have the bonus objective type dailies, and stupid Proving Grounds for Heroics.

I don't have guild mates or friends in the game (except for one Bnet friend). So, I've been treating the game as sort of a solo RPG mostly, with group content only occasionally. It seems that Blizzard doesn't really want you doing that in the game, and they've gradually pushed people like me into a corner, and are squeezing them out of the game.

Thus, I have decided that I'm going to stop playing WoW. In fact, I stopped yesterday. I really doubt if I'll be back for Legion either. More Bonus Objective stuff at end-game, not looking to get rid of CRZ any time soon, and more frustrating RNG on top of frustrating RNG.

Sorry folks, but that's the end of the blog. Maybe I should start up a new 'Phil's Gaming' blog or something, with the games I will be playing. Currently, that will be Civ BE Rising Tide. I also dabbled in Torchlight II for 10 minutes last night. I'll probably look for other single player Steam games, rather than look at MMOs any-more.

In fact, here's the new blog:

So, in closing.  I just want to thank you all for viewing my blog and for making me feel good about the viewing numbers. I hope I've interested you, and kept you a bit entertained while doing this.