Monday, April 30, 2018

Leveling Across The Board!!


Yep, I'm back, and playing more than ever. I'm leveling lots of characters on all the realms I play on. I'm still sticking to Hunters and Warlocks though, even though I think that Hunters got a bit of a shaft with the latest scaling changes.

On Silver Hand, I'm leveling Battybit and Mentalbrit. They both made it to level 100 this week. Here's Mentalbrit getting her artifact.

Of course, Battybrit got hers too. I remembered pretty much everything about the artifact quests, so they were a breeze. On Garrosh, I'm leveling Felbrit, who also got to 100 and got her Artifact. I'm also leveling Battybrit. Because of scaling, I decided to try Northrend at level 60. It's really fun. She got to 64 and is about to hit Dragonblight.

The only problem is that she's leveling mining and Blacksmithing. She's still getting Cobalt fragments at over 300 mining, which is stupid. You can smelt Cobalt at 275 now, and you get Cobalt Blacksmithing recipes at 275 too. Blizzard really messed up.

On Ghostlands, I'm leveling my Hunter, Huntingbrit. She didn't have 4 Champions yet, and I realized that it was tied to the Class campaign. So she got that done and now has the 4 Champions, and got to 107 too.

Battybrit, Mentalbrit, and Felbrit all got to 103 and got their 4 Champions too.

I've also been sniping Gold missions on my level 110s. I log on to each of them in the morning, and if they have a gold mission, they do it. If they don't, they don't do anything. On Ghostlands it's a bit different, because Lockybrit and Voidbrit haven't got all their Champions maxed out yet. So they're doing all them missions they can. If any character gets to less than 4K Order Resources, I send them out to do some World quests to get more. Voidbrit's still working on her Class Campaign too, not having unlocked 6 Champions yet.

I'm not totaling up all the gold I have yet. I might do that next week. I only have 9 days left on my subscription. I guess I'll pay for 6 months again. I don't want to pay 199K for tokens.

Silver Hand:

Insanebrit (110) - Human/Priest - iLvL 895

Lavabrit (110) - Draenei/Shaman - iLvL 893
Crazybrit (110) - Gnome/Hunter - iLvL 903
Loopybrit (105) - Human/Death Knight
Battybrit (104) - Human/Hunter
Mentalbrit (103) - Human/Warlock 
Derangedbrit (101) - Human/Rogue
Looneybrit (63) - Human/Warrior 
Madbrit (64) - Human/Monk 
Lunaticbrit (63) - Human/Mage 
Dementedbrit (63) - Human/Paladin 

Maniacbrit (51) - Night Elf/Druid 


Draenybrit (110) - Draenei/Hunter - iLvL 905
Priestybrit (101) - Human/Priest
Demonbrit (103) - Night Elf/Demon Hunter

Felbrit (103) - Human/Warlock 
Stabbybrit (101) - Gnome/Rogue 
Shammybrit (68) - Draenei/Shaman

Beastybrit (64) - Human/Hunter
Platebrit (48) - Gnome/Warrior 
Frostybrit (35) - Human/Mage 


Flayingbrit (110) - Human/Priest - iLvl 898
Draenybrit (110) - Draenei/Shaman - iLvl 894
Gnomeybrit (110) - Gnome/Priest - iLvl 895
Flictionbrit (110) - Gnome/Warlock - iLvl 896
Fengsuibrit (110) - Pandaren/Hunter - iLvl 900
Unstablebrit (110) - Human/Warlock iLvl 890
Blizzybrit (101) - Draenei/Mage
Boomybrit (101) - Night Elf/Druid 
Pallybrit (101) - Human/Paladin
Bamboodbrit (101) - Pandaren/Priest

Echo Isles:

Shaolinbrit (101) - Pandaren/Monk
Slealthybrit (103) - Pandaren/Rogue


Lockybrit (110) - Blood Elf/Warlock - iLvl 875
Voidbrit (110) - Blood Elf/Warlock - iLvl 847

Huntingbrit (107) - Blood Elf/Hunter
Priestybrit (101) - Undead/Priest
Beastybrit (101) - Blood Elf/Hunter

Shammybrit (101) - Orc/Shaman 
Elfybrit (101) - Blood Elf/Priest
Voidbrit (110) - Blood Elf/Warlock
Trappybrit (101) - Blood Elf/Hunter
Mageybrit (101) - Blood Elf/Mage
Combatbrit (101) - Blood Elf/Rogue

Pallybrit (101) - 
Blood Elf/Paladin

That's it for this week. More leveling and gold next week. I hope to get at least one more 110 over the next week.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Special Tuesday Post!!


I'm back playing WoW. Stay tuned and I'll have a full blog post next Monday. It seems that they've fixed scaling a bit, so that it's not as horrible as when I left the game. I had to read my own blog to remind myself what I'm doing in the game :) More on Monday.