Monday, January 26, 2015

A New Master Plan!


Yep. I've decided to set myself some long term goals in the game. I like goals, and like it when everything I do in the game is contributing to those goals.

With that in mind, I want to set goals for leveling, gearing, professions, achievements, and gold. So, I had 12 level 90s at the start of WoD (well, 11 + 1 boosted). So I'll concentrate on those. That's 120 levels to be gained in Draenor. For Gearing, lets set a goal of getting them all to 640. Let's take the base as 600, so that's 480 gear levels to gain. Also, let's make sure to have 3 totally upgraded crafting pieces per character. That's 108 levels for Crafting Gear (one for the item, and 2 for upgrades. 3 pieces each). For Profs, lets set a goal of two maxed Professions per character. That's 100 levels for each prof, and thus 2400 prof levels to gain (even if they started from 1, I'll still only count 600-700). Also, Flaying should get max Arch, Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid. That's 400 levels to get. For Achievements, lets set the goal to be 10,000. Also, lets say 100 Guild Achievement points. I only have 60 currently. For gold, why don't we go for Max. That's 1M gold on Flaying.

What I'll do each week is to tally up how I'm doing against all these. Then I'll average it all out and have a grand total (weighting each of the 8 categories equally).


Leveling: 82/120 => 68.33%
Gearing: 125/480 => 26.04%
Crafted Gear:36/108 => 33.33%
Professions: 1999/2400 => 83.29%
Secondary Profs: 238/400 => 59.5%
Achievements: 6310/10000 => 63.1%
Guild Achievements: 60/100 => 60%
Gold: 277.231/1,000,000 => 27.72%

Total overall Completion: 52.66%

Not bad :)

Well, I did get FengSui to level 100:

Fengsui at 100
I also started leveling Boomy as my next 100. She's now in Spires of Arak. I chose here because she's accumulated so many level 100 pieces of gear from follower missions, and really needs to be able to open them up.

Also, Pally reached GR cap, and I needed to have something to spend them on. So I leveled her up to 96 for the Garden. She's still at cap though :)

I also got Stealthy into Draenor and got her far enough to get the professions moving, and to get a level 2 Garrison.

Flaying, Gnomey, and Fengsui all did LFR, and all my 100s leveled some old raids (Firelands and Bastion of Twilight at least) for some extra gold. Also, making sure to get level 3 Salvage Yards on all of them. BTW: I made a guide about making money, over at wowhead:

Oh yeah, I also made sure to keep my level 3 Barns filled up for chances of Savage Blood on Flaying, Gnomey, and Fengsui. Draeny will come later once I gear her up a bit.

Other than this, Trap did get some play before I decided on the new master plan. I won't be touching my less than 90 characters for quite a while now. I don't mind at all, as I hate CRZ.

Alliance (Brits United) on Draenor:

Flayingbrit (100) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 700/Alchemy 700) - iLvl 644
Draenybrit (100) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 700/Blacksmithing 700) - iLvl 623
Gnomeybrit (100) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring 700/Enchanting 687) - iLvl 631

Flictionbrit (100) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining 700/Engineering 715) - iLvl 621
Fengsuibrit (100) - Pandaren/Hunter (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700) -
iLvl 620
Blizzybrit (96) - Draenei/Mage (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 710)
Boomybrit (98) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 700/Inscription 700)

Unstablebrit (97) - Human/Warlock (Herbalim 700/Skinning 692)
Pallybrit (96) - Human/Paladin (Blacksmithing 493/Tailoring 686)
Bamboodbrit (93) - Pandaren/Priest (Herbalism 642/Alchemy 700)
Priestybrit (61) - Draenei/Priest (None)
Raidbrit (10) - Doesn't matter (2nd account)  

Alliance (Brits United) on Echo Isles:
Shaolinbrit (92) - Pandaren/Monk (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 656)
Slealthybrit (91) - Pandaren/Rogue (Skinning 634/Leatherworking 602)
Smashbrit (12) - Pandaren/Warrior (None) 
Frostybrit (70) - Draenei/Death Knight (None)
Trapbrit (29) - Draenei/Hunter (None) 
Horde (Britannia) on Ghostlands:
Priestybrit (43) - Undead/Priest (Tailoring 176/Enchanting 196)
Elfybrit (3) - Blood Elf/Priest (None) 
Shammybrit (14) - Orc/Shaman (Mining 21/Herbalism 25)

As I said, Achievements have made it up to 6310 now:

The last two being Proving Yourself (Bronze Damage) (I couldn't get Silver), and Master Draftsman (40 blueprints on Flaying).

The plan for next week is to work on the Master Plan. Leveling, Gearing, Making Gold, Achievements, and professions. It will be nice to concentrate on Draenor.


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