Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Updating my WoW Resume!


Well, back in 2013 I said this on my first blog post:

I have played WoW for just over 4 years now. In that time, I have:

1. Been part of a Raiding Guild on Nordrassil
2. Leveled one of each Horde class to 85 there
3. Leveled one of each Alliance class on Perenolde to 85
4. Re-rolled in a re-roll guild on Hyjal and got several toons to 85
5. Tried the Ironman Challenge, but didn't get any toons to 85
6. Quit the game because of CRZ - and went and played GW2 and other games
7. Came back to WoW because GW2 endgame sucked.
8. Started leveling toons on Venture Co. where there's no CRZ
9. Decided that I really wanted to start over
10. Deleted ALL my toons and gave away over 400K and all the guilds I'd leveled. That was 6 level 90s, and 25 other 85+ and several other toons
11. Started a brand new account, and started leveling on Venture Co again

So, I think it's time to tack on what I've done, and where I stand now. Here goes:

12. Leveled Alliance on Venture Co and Horde on Ravenholt.
13. Got 10 Alliance level 90s (transferred to Draenor), and then stopped playing.
14. Started playing again and got 12 90s on Draenor.
15. Abandoned the Horde on Ravenholdt and started up on Ghostlands.
16. Got 12 Alliance level 100s on Draenor/Echo Isles.
17. Got 11 Horde level 100s on Ghostlands.
18. Got bored and frustrated and quit.
19. Came back and started leveling on Garrosh.
20. Got really frustrated with CRZ and started leveling on Silver Hand.
21. Made 6-7 Million gold in WoD.
22. Got 2 level 110s on Silver Hand.
23. Quit yet again because of Loading Time issues.
24. Came back and focused on making gold for Tokens.
25. Deleted several characters on Garrosh, and made some new ones.
26. Made it to 30 level 100s overall.

This is where we stand now. I just bought another Token for 106,600. Yikes!

Anyway. Talk to you again on Monday.


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