Monday, November 21, 2016

WoW's 12th Anniversary!


Yep, it's WoW 12th Anniversary couple of weeks. Amazing, isn't it. WoW has been going for 12 years now. I haven't been playing since the start, but since about 2009.

Anyway, the event this year is a nice little bit of gold, and some Timewalking badges to buy the Corgi pet, or save up for the next Timewalking event. For a level 110, it's about 90 gold for the 2 quests and 225 badges. For a level 100, it's about 75g and 225 badges. Oh, and a 1hr repeatable buff that boosts XP and Rep from kills by 10%.

So, I'm going through all my Characters (all 110s and 100s on all realms) and the ones I'm leveling on Silver Hand too:

Lavabrit answering a question.
I think the badges can buy lots of gear that can be vendored too, but I need to check up on that.

OK, let's talk about Loading Screens. Since 7.1, I've had 1 1/2 to 2 minutes to load into Garrison, Dalaran, or to the Shrine. Stromwind City is a little better. But seriously, we've been complaining about it for weeks now on the forums, and Blizzard just isn't fixing it. I'm playing less and less because of it, and playing more and more Civ 6, and have started playing Hearthstone again.

One of the great things about WoW was that it's so quick to get in the game to play. This is now not the case, and is horrible for someone like me, who logs into lots of characters each day.

Anyway, rant over. What I did get done this week was to get Crazybrit to 80 and then started her in Hyjal and got to 81. I also got Derangedbrit to 70 and got her 280% flying. I also actually took Loopybrit to the Broken Isles and did some questing there. Then I remembered how I don't really like Azsuna questing at all. It will be much better once we have flying, but I've done absolutely nothing to get closer to that. Just not motivated to do much at all in WoW right now.

Oh, I also did quite a bit of Cooking and Fishing dailies on characters, and got Mentalbrit and Lunaticbrit to 62 doing that.

Insanebrit (110) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 800/Tailoring 731) - iLvL 829
Lavabrit (110) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 751/Jewlcrafting 721) - iLvL 808
Crazybrit (81) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 489/Leatherworking 90)
Looneybrit (62) - Human/Warrior (Mining 311/Blacksmithing 305) 
Loopybrit (102) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 701,Alchemy 700)
Mentalbrit (62) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 346/Enchanting 93)
Derangedbrit (70) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 386/Inscription 380)
Madbrit (62) - Human/Monk (Mining 311/Engineering 305)
Lunaticbrit (62) - Human/Mage (Tailoring 85/Enchanting 102)
Dementedbrit (62) - Human/Paladin (Mining 310/Blacksmithing 103)
Battybrit (68) - Human/Hunter (Skinning 414/Leatherworking 85)
Maniacbrit (35) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 131/Alchemy 80)

The plan for next week is to not do much. Just keep the Garrisons rolling I guess, and maybe level some characters. 

Oh Happy Thanksgiving to you all for this coming Thursday!!


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