Monday, November 14, 2016

My 27th level 100!!


Yep, I have 12 on Draenor/Echo Isles, 10 on Ghostlands, 2 on Garrosh, and now this is my third to 100 on Silver Hand. Loopybrit made it to 100. I think this is my first DK at 100 too. So, she did the Artifact quests, and found them pretty hard. Especially the last part. That's until I realized I could stand to one side of the platform and avoid all those flying bolts of stuff. I really like her dual blades. A very nice artifact. Of course, I got to the Class Hall, and it looked very familiar:

Haven't I been here before :)
A bit disappointed actually. Couldn't they have done something new? Anyway, that's the great thing about playing all classes, you get to see all the different Class Halls.

Since getting her Artifact, she's just been doing Garrison stuff (Tanaan daily, Fishing daily, and opening up the shipyard). She got to 101 not even setting foot on the Broken Isles :). She also got the Alchemy Shack all set up and is making lots of Draenic Philosophers Stones. In fact, she's now got a Scribe hut too, and is making lots of Card of Omens. A nice steady stream of income.

I also played Lavabrit a bit. It was Timewalking week, and so she did 5 Timewalking dungeons and finished up Val;Sharah while waiting for the queues to pop. She went from 779->808 just from timewalking. Lavabrit was also doing lots of Tanaan, and finally got the Oil Rig this week, and rerolled ships until she got a shorter mission one. So now she doesn't need to do Tanaan any more. I didn't do anything with Insanebrit for Flying this week. That's really on the back burner for now.

One other thing was getting all the characters through DMF for +5 on all their professions.

Also, I did play Crazybrit and Derangedbrit a bit, getting them to 76 and 68 respectively. Crazybrit is about to hit Shloz Basin, and Deranged is now ready for Northrend.

One other thing I need to talk about is the frustrating loading times. Loading into the Garrison or Dalaran is taking about 1 1/2 minutes. Also, getting the Battlenet client loaded with images is taking that long too. This is all since 7.1 and is so frustrating! I'm also a bit pissed off with Legion right now. That's why Loopybrit hasn't been to Broken Isles yet, and why Lavabrit hasn't started with Stormheim.

Of course, I still didn't play a lot this week because of Civ 6. Also, I dabbled a bit in Hearthstone :)

Insanebrit (110) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 800/Tailoring 731) - iLvL 829
Lavabrit (110) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 751/Jewlcrafting 721) - iLvL 808
Crazybrit (76) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 450/Leatherworking 90)
Looneybrit (62) - Human/Warrior (Mining 311/Blacksmithing 305) 
Loopybrit (101) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 700,Alchemy 700)
Mentalbrit (61) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 346/Enchanting 93)
Derangedbrit (68) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 377/Inscription 380)
Madbrit (62) - Human/Monk (Mining 311/Engineering 305)
Lunaticbrit (61) - Human/Mage (Tailoring 85/Enchanting 102)
Dementedbrit (62) - Human/Paladin (Mining 310/Blacksmithing 103)
Battybrit (68) - Human/Hunter (Skinning 414/Leatherworking 85)
Maniacbrit (35) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 131/Alchemy 80)

The plan for next week is to level Crazy and Demented a bit more, and to keep on doing Garrison stuff.


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