Monday, August 15, 2016

Made it to Draenor!


Yay, I made it to Draenor this morning. A lot of leveling over the week to get me to this point. Let's go through it. But before I start:

At my Garrison

Here's me at my new Garrison in Draenor.

So, we started off at 60 and went to Outland. What was absolutely amazing is that there is no CRZ in Outland at all. It was truly a great experience doing the quests on my own, with hardly seeing anyone else around. This is what RP is all about :). Heading into Northrend at 68, I didn't know what to expect, but soon saw Moonguard and Wymrest Accord people and then knew that Northrend did indeed have CRZ. It wasn't too bad though. At least it's only 8 or 9 realms thrown together, not 30 or so.

I did lots more Borean Tundra than normal, getting to 72 there, before heading to Dragonblight and then Grizzly Hills until 76. Then it was a quick Shloz Basin and Icecrown to finish off. Cata fairly whizzed by, Just doing Hyjal and then Uldum. MoP was similar, getting to 88 in Jade Forest, and finishing off with a tiny bit of Valley of Four Winds and then Kun-Lai (making sure to get the Grummlepack).

So, I played through the Draenor opening this morning, and made it to my Garrison. I've started doing quests in Shadowmoon Valley and have got the Tailoring shack now. Level 91.

I also leveled Lavabrit a bit, to get her profs to 75 for the Darkmoon Fair. There's a problem now with DMF fishing though. You catch a lot of junk and I only got 2 Herring on her after about 30 casts and gave up. Insanebrit had the same problem, but she did it earlier in the week and I persevered on her. Funny thing was, leveling Lavabrit in Westfall, it didn't have CRZ the day before Invasions, but now does. What a shame :)

Insanebrit (91) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 569/Tailoring 81) 
Lavabrit (28) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 83/Jewlcrafting 83) 
Crazybrit (3) - Gnome/Hunter (NA 0/NA 0)

The whole plan is to get Insanebrit's Tailoring high enough to start crafting bags for others. Of course,  she should get to 100 soon, and then I'll start leveling others too, and probably start more characters as well. Things are going really well in this new restart.


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