Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yay - Tokens!


Just wanted to share.

The release of WoW Tokens happened yesterday. I wasn't planning to buy one until I hit 1M, but was concerned when I saw the price steadily rising throughout the day.

I was happy when I go home and the price was only 31K. I decided I might as well buy now. Then, later in the evening, I saw the price had dropped to 29K and change. I decided to buy another two.

I decided to buy them because 1M or not, I needed to make the extra gold at some point. And it won't be hard getting back to 1M.

Well, this morning it was only 23K. So, I snapped up another two, to lower my overall average price paid, and vowed not to buy any more for a while.

In the end, I'd spent about 136K for 150 days game time. I'm now good until some time in September.

Rock on everyone, WoW Tokens are awesome.


  1. I'm thinking they might hit 20k. Maybe. At that point I'll pick up a couple since I am paying for 2 accounts.

  2. Hope you got your tokens last night, because the price is steadily climbing now. Still worth it at any price under 30K IMHO.

  3. Snapped up 6 @ 20,700 and wish I'd bought more. Ah well, the price will fluctuate so I'll be keeping an eye on the market. There's a website now that tracks it graphically. Kinda cool.

  4. wowhead also has the current price on the front page, on the right hand side in the 'Today in Draenor' section. Very handy.