Monday, April 13, 2015

Tokens and Gold


Well, you saw from my mid-week post last week, that I bought 5 tokens. This cost 136K and took my total gold down to 810K. So, I've been doing a lot this week to restore it back where it should be. I've been selling all the Herbs and Ore, instead of converting them to Primals. I set a base price of 1g20s for each, and price higher if others are too. I've been selling Raw Beast Hides, and Draenic Dust (from when they're for sale for 4 GRs from the TP). I've also been doing a little AH flipping. I bought several Crystalfire Spellstaves for 1500-2000 and re-listed for 3000-4000. They all sold :). I've also been buying lots of Savage Feast at low prices and listing them higher. Along with all the gold skimming off all the other characters from Missions, Salvage Crates, Muradin LFR runs etc., I've got it back to 907K.

Token price

This was the token price this morning. It's been really surprising. It's gone up and down between about 21K and 26K. I really thought it would be a lot higher than this. Not that I'm complaining :). I'm really going to ignore Tokens, at least until I hit 1M gold. I'm paid up through September.

Here's a shot of Bambood, doing Walled City for the Muradin quest:

Bambood, in Highmaul
I've been trying to gear up my lower geared characters in Highmaul, and even ran Slagworks on one of them. This is working out well, and along with some crafting upgrades, they are getting geared up nicely.

I had a hard decision to make on Gnomey, when she got a 670 legs from a BRF follower mission. See, she had the 655 level 2 crafted Legs. Should I change out or not. Well, switching and choosing to do a crafted Ring instead cut down the Tailoring upgrades required (the long pole), and gave the JCs something more to do. So I switched  it out.

Another thing I did this week was concentrate on progressing Achievements. Flaying did quite a few Noblegarden ones, and also did Ulduar 25 this week, getting tons of achievements there. Some more achievements were done using Pet Battles. I did the Stone quest to get 12 level 25 Pets, and then knocked out the Eastern Kingdons Pet Battle trainers achieve. Maybe more Pet Battles this week.

All characters also did the DMF profs quests, and I even cheated slightly and took my Horde Priest through DMF :)

Let's see how the Master Plan is getting on.

Leveling: Get each one to 100. Counting 90-100. Out of 120.

All Done. 120/120 = 100%

Gearing: Get each character to 650. Counting 600-650. Out of 600.

Lots of gearing up this week. Now 551/600 = 91.83%

Crafted Gear: Get 3 pieces of fully upgraded gear on each character. Out of 144.

Down a few, up a few. Now 105/144 = 72.92%

Professions: Get 2 professions on each character to 700. Counting each profession. Out of 24.

All done. Now 24/24 = 100%

Secondary Profs: Get all 4 secondary profs on Flaying to 700. Counting 600-700. Out of 400.

+5 to First Aid this week. 335/400 = 83.75%

Achievements: Get to 10,000. Out of 10,000.

Loads this week. Up to 8765/10000 = 87.65%

Guild Achievements: Get to 100. Out of 100.

Now complete at 100/100 = 100%

Gold: Get to 1M Gold on Flaying. Out of 1M.

Went down because of Tokens. Down to 907,385/1M = 90.74%

Mounts: Get to 100 Mounts. Out of 100.

None this week. Still at 56/100 = 56%

Followers: Get 10 followers on each character to 670. Out of 120.

Got some more this week. 85/120 = 70.83%

Overall Plan progress = 85.37%

Making some progress. Still need to get to 1M gold, then buy all the Sorcerous with extra gold to knock out all the crafting upgrades.
Alliance (Brits United) on Draenor: 

Flayingbrit (100) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 700/Alchemy 700) - iLvl 656
Draenybrit (100) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 700/Blacksmithing 700) - iLvl 650
Gnomeybrit (100) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring 700/Enchanting 700) - iLvl 653

Flictionbrit (100) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining 700/Engineering 715) - iLvl 653
Fengsuibrit (100) - Pandaren/Hunter (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700) -
iLvl 647
Blizzybrit (100) - Draenei/Mage (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 710) - iLvl 649
Boomybrit (100) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 700/Inscription 700) - iLvl 648
Unstablebrit (100) - Human/Warlock (Herbalim 700/Skinning 700) - iLvl 646
Pallybrit (100) - Human/Paladin (Blacksmithing 700/Tailoring 700) - iLvl 650
Bamboodbrit (100) - Pandaren/Priest (Herbalism 700/Alchemy 700)
- iLvl 638
Priestybrit (61) - Draenei/Priest (None)
Raidbrit (10) - Doesn't matter (2nd account)  

Alliance (Brits United) on Echo Isles:
Shaolinbrit (100) - Pandaren/Monk (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 700)
- iLvl 645
Slealthybrit (100) - Pandaren/Rogue (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700)
- iLvl 628
Smashbrit (12) - Pandaren/Warrior (None) 
Frostybrit (70) - Draenei/Death Knight (None)
Trapbrit (29) - Draenei/Hunter (None) 
Horde (Britannia) on Ghostlands:
Priestybrit (43) - Undead/Priest (Tailoring 181/Enchanting 201)
Elfybrit (5) - Blood Elf/Priest (None) 
Shammybrit (14) - Orc/Shaman (Mining 21/Herbalism 25)  

The plan for next week is to continue making gold by selling everything under the Sun. Maybe I'll get to 1M this week. I'll also be gearing up using LFR, and maybe Apexis, and doing more Achievements.


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