Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Doing it differently, as Horde


Special blog post to tell you a few things I'm going to do differently, in my Horde Master Plan.

1. Wait until Draenor to pick up Professions

When I decided to switch professions on a couple of my Alliance characters, it was easy just leveling them up in Draenor. Now, with gathering (Herbing or Mining) I'll level them in MoP, because nodes are plentiful, and you can fly :). But with Skinning and all other professions, Draenor will be the place.

2. Crafted Slots

No making the mistake of crafting Armor that comes so plentifully from follower missions. In fact, I've noticed no my latest characters that the Back and Hands slots are usually the ones that have the lowest level gear until some lucky LFR drop or Highmaul or BRF mission. So, I think it will be Cloak and Hands for all characters. Then, one of Weapon or Ring, to keep my JCs and Scribes useful.

3. No more Tailor/Enchanter

So, in Draenor, these two profs are not really tied together the way they were in the old world. Also, no two more Crafting profs at all. I want one prof Garrison building per character, so I can have the Salvage Yard, AND the Storehouse.

So, professions will probably be:


Then I'll probably double up on the Tailor, and JC.

Just a few thoughts. Wanted to let you know about them, and have them written down for myself too, so I don't forget about them :)



  1. Actually, instead of doubling up on the Tailor and JC, I'm going to double up on the Tailor and LW. Lots of LW armor needed.

  2. Ha ha. I miscounted. With 2 LW and Tailors, I'm only at 9. So I can have another JC too. Doh!