Friday, February 27, 2015

My Thoughts on 6.1


Special end of week Blog post. Now that I've had 4 days to sample 6.1, I'm prepared to give my thoughts on it.

First, the positives:

So many:

Heirloom Tab: Absolutely awesome. I can equip all my leveling alts, without having to move the Heirlooms around.

Followers: Treasure Hunting trait, new mission types, being able to buy upgrades, new level cap, better UI. This is all awesome, as I spend a lot of time doing follower missions.

Other Garrison stuff: Better drop rate of savage blood with follower. Now Bunker only offer seal if you haven't done it this week. New XXX/5 stacking for work orders. And best of all - 'Create All'!! Shift Clicking at the Trading Post. All this stuff is really good.

Mine: Stacking the Pickaxe and Coffee is good. I guess the Miner's coffee is OK, but 3 min duration is just a bit less than perfect.

Blood Elf models: Love them. Actually played my Blood Elf a bit and went from level 3 to 5 :)

Twitter and Selfies: Has really piqued my interest in twitter again. Tweeting from within the game is great for achievements and gear upgrades. I'm enjoying seeing others Selfies and Twitter too.

Crafting: The ability to craft another upgrade is great. The ability to craft with no CD using Primal spirits is great.

However, now we get the massive negative for 6.1:

The daily visitor to you garrison: Well, it not bad for the 4 types that are not the Crafting Trader. But for the Crafting Trader, it's absolutely horrible. The fact that they fixed it across all realms is so mind blowingly bad. We've had Fur, Leather, Fur, Ore. Yes, it's great to get Ore today. But that was blind luck. We may never see the Alchemy one. It's worse if you have lots of professions on your alts, because it's a kick in the teeth to get prof trader on someone who can't use it, and not get it on someone who can. They should give us a way to visit our alt's garrisons.

If I didn't have a friend (or she wasn't playing), I'd be reduced to resorting to chat to beg for this trader. It's horrible. In fact, I was seriously considering un-subbing, if I wouldn't have got the Tailoring recipes on the first day.

So, overall, I'm pretty positive about 6.1, but the way they handled the Prof traders are leaving a very sour taste indeed.

EDIT: Just saw the Blue post over on the WoW forums. They're changing the profession traders to rotate now, instead of being random. All our complaining worked.

YAY - Now I give 6.1 an A+.

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