Monday, February 9, 2015

And then there were 8!


Yep, I got both Unstable and Pally to level 100 this week. The reason I decided I needed to get them to 100 was that all the level 100 follower pieces of gear were starting to fill up their bags. I knew that getting them all opened would give me tons of gold too. So, Unstable finished after only just getting to Nagrand. Pally did quite a bit of Nagrand, finishing up at the Ring of Trials.



What I always do with my 100s now is get them back to the garrison, get it to level 3. Then I upgrade the Garden and Mine to level 3. Then get a Salvage Yard, Lunarfell Inn, and then a Dwarven Bunker. Then work on getting them all to level 3 asap. I don't bother usually upgrading Prof buildings to level 3, because I don't really need the extra work orders.

Well, I know I said I was going to be concentrating on gold, but I kind of got distracted by leveling. I realize now that I didn't do a single Apexis Daily, and didn't run a single LFR wing, all week! So much to do.

I did manage to fit in some Old Raid runs though, on Flaying, Gnomey, Draeny, and Boomy. It will be interesting to see how easy it is on Pally. I don't like doing the old Raids on Pet classes, because you don't get all the loot.

I was also making sure to keep my L3 Barns filled with Work Orders. I'm doing this on Flaying, Draeny, Gnomey, Fengsui, and Fliction. 5 is enough :)

Let's see how the Master Plan is doing:

Leveling: The only movement here was getting both Unstable and Pally to 100. So we're now at 93/120 => 77.5%.

Gearing: Getting Unstable and Pally into the mix, and also some slight improvements in terms of Crafting upgrades, Follower gear, and a couple of Apexis pieces. So, we've gone up to 209/480 => 43.54%

Crafted Gear: This was a another good week for Gearing. I got quite a lot of Savage Blood from the Barns. I made the final item a character was missing, and made a few upgrades. So it's now moved to 52/108 => 48.15%

Professions: Some small progress here on Pally, Unstable, Stealthy, and Shaolin. Now up to 2104/2400 => 87.67%%

Secondary Profs: Flaying got Archeology to 700 this week. So this moved to 291/400 => 72.75%.

Achievements: A few more achievements this week. A couple from old Raid stuff, and a few from the Love is in the Air Event. Now at 6420. 64.2%

Guild Achievements: Nothing this week. So still 80/100 => 80%.

Gold: Sold quite a bit of stuff on the AH, and found time to run some old Raids too. Flaying made it to 372,379 => 37.24%.

I said I was going to add a couple more to it, but I'm still thinking about it.

So, the overall master plan progress is now at: 63.88%

Alliance (Brits United) on Draenor:

Flayingbrit (100) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 700/Alchemy 700) - iLvl 644
Draenybrit (100) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 700/Blacksmithing 700) - iLvl 625
Gnomeybrit (100) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring 700/Enchanting 700) - iLvl 635

Flictionbrit (100) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining 700/Engineering 715) - iLvl 630
Fengsuibrit (100) - Pandaren/Hunter (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700) -
iLvl 628
Blizzybrit (96) - Draenei/Mage (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 710)
Boomybrit (100) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 700/Inscription 700)
- iLvl 619
Unstablebrit (97) - Human/Warlock (Herbalim 700/Skinning 698)
- iLvl 620
Pallybrit (96) - Human/Paladin (Blacksmithing 612/Tailoring 700)
- iLvl 612
Bamboodbrit (93) - Pandaren/Priest (Herbalism 642/Alchemy 700)
Priestybrit (61) - Draenei/Priest (None)
Raidbrit (10) - Doesn't matter (2nd account)  

Alliance (Brits United) on Echo Isles:
Shaolinbrit (92) - Pandaren/Monk (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 684)
Slealthybrit (92) - Pandaren/Rogue (Skinning 644/Leatherworking 624)
Smashbrit (12) - Pandaren/Warrior (None) 
Frostybrit (70) - Draenei/Death Knight (None)
Trapbrit (29) - Draenei/Hunter (None) 
Horde (Britannia) on Ghostlands:
Priestybrit (43) - Undead/Priest (Tailoring 176/Enchanting 196)
Elfybrit (3) - Blood Elf/Priest (None) 
Shammybrit (14) - Orc/Shaman (Mining 21/Herbalism 25)

The plan for next week is more of the same. But I do hope to do some LFR runs. I'll probably concentrate only getting Blizzy to 100 next, and the others to the 96/97 range.


  1. Congrats on 2 new level 100 ! Do you only do quests while leveling, or dungeoncrawling ? I see you only got to the start of Nagrand, that's usually where I dinged 100, at the start with doing dungeons as often as I could :)

  2. Thanks Missy. I only do 1 dungeon. Yes one. Skyreach. That's after I get the quest in Spires to kill all the bosses, and after I've visited Khadgar to get the quest for the 640 ring. So, I quest quest quest. But the thing is, with all of them fully rested, and getting XP mining and herbing and some from follower missions, they all are getting to Nagrand at 99 or in the high 98s because I always complete Spires.

    I really enjoy Spires of Arak.

  3. I realized I hadn't updated the overall Master Plan percentage. It's now at 63.88%.

  4. I've decided on the other 2 goals to pursue.

    1. Get 100 mounts. I'm currently at 24.
    2. Get 10 followers on each char to 650. I'm currently at 10/120

    These will bring the percentage down a bit. I was going to go for 645 for followers, but felt that was a little too easy.