Monday, October 10, 2016

Didn't Quite Make It!


My plan was to get all the Humans to 60 this week before Saturday night for their DMF EXP to count at 60, rather than before 60. Well, I fell short. I was sick last week, so didn't play as much as I usually do. I got sick early on Monday, spent the whole of Tuesday in bed, and was back to work on Wednesday. I'm still not quite right, but a lot better than I was.

Anyway, I managed to get most of them to 60, and only have two left now who are 55. They quested in Badlands, Felwood, Winterspring, Swamp of Sorrows, and finished off in Blasted Lands. The two 55s just have Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands to do.

I also got my DK into Cataclysm and she's 82 now, questing in Mount Hyjal. Northrend was certainly a pain to get through though. 68-80. I also played my Human Hunter a bit, getting her to 66 in Nagrand.

I decided to play my Shaman a bit more, and finished off the last couple of quests in Azsuna, and the last bonus objective. Here's the thing though. Finishing off stuff at the end of a zone should be easy. Just compare to WoD. Say you get to 104 doing Gorgrond, and you decide to finish a couple of quests and bonus objective there, it's pretty much a cakewalk. Not so with Legion. I really don't like this zone scaling. She did get to 105 though.

I decided to give the JC quests a go, so I prospected the Leystone Ore for 5 gem chips. Eventually I got the quest to see Wilson someone and get the bag of gems off him. He's in the Underbelly. I went down there, clicked on him, started to kill him, but then immediately got killed by Horde. I almost quit WoW right there and then. I exited, and played a bit of Civ 5 until I calmed down. Hours later, after remembering something about bribing guards to help you out, I went back there, gave a guard 5g and completed it no problem. Phew.

Insanebrit just did one old Raid this week (Firelands). She had to give out lots of gold this week for characters Flight Master's Licenses, so she needed to make it back up. She may do another Raid or two tonight. She's also continuing to do the Molten Front and Timeless Isle dailies.

The other thing I've been doing is to continue to level professions the old way. Here's my BS Looneybrit leveling up Blacksmithing.

Smelting Steel to level Blacksmithing
Oh, one other thing. I cleaned up my character count a bit, deleting all my non 100s on Garrosh. I also realized that I don't have the Heirlooms for a Balance Druid. So, I got them on one of the Garrosh characters and now my Druid is properly decked out.

Insanebrit (110) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 793/Tailoring 725) - iLvL 808
Lavabrit (105) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 733/Jewlcrafting 716) - iLvL 735
Crazybrit (70) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 407/Leatherworking 85)
Looneybrit (60) - Human/Warrior (Mining 282/Blacksmithing 242) 
Loopybrit (82) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 484,Alchemy 440)
Mentalbrit (60) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 333/Enchanting 88)
Derangedbrit (60) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 322/Inscription 136)
Madbrit (60) - Human/Monk (Mining 265/Engineering 195)
Lunaticbrit (55) - Human/Mage (Tailoring 80/Enchanting 97)
Dementedbrit (55) - Human/Paladin (Mining 205/Blacksmithing 98)
Battybrit (66) - Human/Hunter (Skinning 405/Leatherworking 80)
Maniacbrit (24) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 60/Alchemy 36)

The plan for next week is to keep leveling the Humans, and who knows what else. Maybe solo old Raids, play my Shaman to 110 or some other stuff. A lot to do still on Silver Hand.

BTW: I wrote a guide on wowhead:


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