Monday, November 16, 2015

My 7th Horde 100!


Yay, got Voidbrit to 100 the night after last week's blog post. That makes it 7 now. She's been working on getting her Garrison up to snuff. She has a Trading Post, so GRs are coming along nicely. She's also getting all her followers to 100, but is not there yet.

I also have been leveling Trappy, Magey, and Combat this week. Trappy completed Northrend, and made it to Mount Hyjal. She's finished questing there having hit 83, and is now ready to do Uldum. Both Magey and Combat finished with Borean Tundra, and Magey did a bit of Dragonblight to get to 74. Combat is ready to do that, sitting at 72. I'm leveling them in step. Finish some quests and dungeons on one, then finish the same quests and dungeons on the other. With only 3 characters to make it to 100 now, I decided to put away crafted gear for them in the Guild Bank. Bracers, Shoulders and Gun for Trappy. Bracers, Shoulders, and Staff for Magey. And Bracers, Shoulders, and Ring for Combat. I'll upgrade all these too, so I know when I can switch from using Upgrade items, to selling them.

I've also been working on Secondary Profs for the Master Plan. I chose the easiest to level, First Aid. If you're at 100 First Aid, it just takes 500 Sumptuous Fur and 200 Sea Scorpion Segment to get to 700. So, I farmed Sumptuous Fur on Priesty, and bought the segments with GRs. I got Beasty's, Shammy's, Elfy's, and Locky's First Aid, all to 700. I also started working on Beasty's cooking, fishing up a lot of Crescent Saberfish.

Both Void and Hunting need gearing up. I had a few Baleful pieces from the shipyard missions for them, and sent them both into Tanaan to see what they could get. Hunting did get more Baleful pieces. The real gearing up will come on Wednesday though, when we get the next Timewalking event. 675s for all!!!

Gold didn't go particularly well this week. I kept getting near 300K on Priesty, but then she needed to fork out 4500 each to Magey and Combat for 280 flying. Then she needed to fork out more to Hunting and Void to help get their Garrisons upgraded. Sheesh, needy Alts!!

One other thing I did this week was play my boosted character, Pallybrit. At first, my thought was that she'd just make gold and pass it all to Priesty. But then I decided she would be a fun little diversion, and I'd play her like a player with a single character. Not in the guild, not contributing to the Master Plan etc. So, she started getting more Folowers by doing all the Gorgrond Quests, and then she started questing in Talador (She skipped most of FFR because she already had 8 level 90 followers).

Pallybrit in Talador
She also went to Tanaan to unlock the Lumber Mill quests, and is getting Mining leveled, and has started on her Blacksmithing. I'm enjoying playing her, not worrying about the Master Plan etc.

Master Plan:
Leveling: Get each one to 100. Counting 90-100. Out of 100.

Voidbrit made it to 100. 70/100 70%

Gearing: Get each character to 675. Counting 600-675. Out of 750.

Voidbrit started contributing. 422/750 56.3%

Crafted Gear: Get 3 pieces of fully upgraded gear on each character. Out of 180 (given 6.2).

More for Hunting, and Priesty got one to level 5. 86/180 47.8%

Professions: Get 2 professions on each character to 700. Counting each profession. Out of 20.


Nothing this week. 12/20 60% 

Secondary Profs: Get all 4 secondary profs on all to 700. Counting each prof. Out of 40.

4 more to 700 First Aid. 7/40 17.5%

Complete Draenor: Each zone complete and Bonus Objectives complete. Out of 50.

Void and Hunting did Talador. 24/50 48%

Guild Achievements: Get to 200.

Nothing new this week. 50/200 25%

Gold: Get to 1M Gold on each character. Out of 10M.

Good progress. 446,000/10,000,000 4.5%

Dreanor Reps: Get 3 Draenor reps Exalted on each character. Out of 30.

Nothing yet. 0%

Followers: Get 25 followers on each character to 675. Out of 250.

Beasty got 18 to 675. 43/250 17.2%

Overall Plan progress = 34.6%

More good progress.

Horde (Britannia) on Ghostlands:
Priestybrit (100) - Undead/Priest (Herbalism 700/Tailoring 700) - iLvl 683
Beastybrit (100) - Blood Elf/Hunter (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700) - iLvL 688

Shammybrit (100) - Orc/Shaman (Herbalism 700/Alchemy 700) - iLvL 679
Elfybrit (100) - Blood Elf/Priest (Mining 700/ Jewelcrafting 700) - iLvL 676
Lockybrit (100) - Blood Elf/Warlock (Herbalism 700/Inscription 700) - iLvL 676
Huntingbrit (100) - Blood Elf/Hunter (Mining 700/Engineering 449)
- iLvL 625
Voidbrit (100) - Blood Elf/Warlock (Herbalism 700/Enchanting 227) - iLvL 622
Trappybrit (83) - Blood Elf/Hunter (Skinning 502/Leatherworking 1)
Mageybrit (74) - Blood Elf/Mage (Herbalism 407/Tailoring 1)
Combatbrit (72) - Blood Elf/Rogue (Mining 343/Jewelcrafting 1)

Pallybrit (100) -
Blood Elf/Paladin (Mining 96/Blacksmithing 12)

Alliance (Brits United) on Draenor: 

Flayingbrit (100) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 700/Alchemy 700) - iLvl 665
Draenybrit (100) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 700/Blacksmithing 700) - iLvl 660
Gnomeybrit (100) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring 700/Enchanting 700) - iLvl 665
Flictionbrit (100) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining 700/Engineering 715) - iLvl 663
Fengsuibrit (100) - Pandaren/Hunter (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700) - iLvl 675
Blizzybrit (100) - Draenei/Mage (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 710- iLvl 666
Boomybrit (100) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 700/Inscription 700) - iLvl 666
Unstablebrit (100) - Human/Warlock (Herbalim 700/Enchanting 700- iLvl 663
Pallybrit (100) - Human/Paladin (Blacksmithing 700/Tailoring 700) - iLvl 660
Bamboodbrit (100) - Pandaren/Priest (Herbalism 700/Alchemy 700) - iLvl 658
Priestybrit (61) - Draenei/Priest (None)
Raidbrit (10) - Doesn't matter (2nd account)  

Alliance (Brits United) on Echo Isles:
Shaolinbrit (100) - Pandaren/Monk (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 700) - iLvl 660
Slealthybrit (100) - Pandaren/Rogue (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700) - iLvl 654
Smashbrit (12) - Pandaren/Warrior (None)
Frostybrit (70) - Draenei/Death Knight (None)
Trapbrit (29) - Draenei/Hunter (None)

Alliance on Lightbringer:

Priestybrit (17) - Human/Priest (Mining 38/Herbalism 58)

The plan for next week is to level Trappy, Magey, and Combat. Also to play Pally quite a bit. I'll also do Timewalking on Hunting and Void, to gear them up. I'll also look to get all the gear saved away for Trappy, Magey, and Combat all upgraded to 4/6.


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