Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Thoughts about WoW Tokens


Special Blog Post.

With the recent announcement of WoW Tokens coming soon, I thought I'd just take a bit of time to talk about them here.

Players will be able to buy a WoW Token for cash (still TBD how much they'll cost, but most likely slightly more than a month's sub, or probably $19.99). They can then list it on an exchange in WoW. Players can then buy that Token for gold, and activate it for 30 days game time.

The cost in gold will be set by Blizzard, based off gold selling sites to start with, and then supply and demand over time. You'll get the gold that is quoted when you put the Token up for sale, and always be able to buy for the gold quoted when you buy. Blizz will make up the small difference (if there is any).

So, say you go to sell a token. Price is listed as 18K. You put it up. But there are hundreds of other tokens ahead of yours, and they're not selling that quickly. So the cost to buy them starts going down. 17.9K, 17.8K. By the time someone buys yours, they buy it for 17.8K. However, you still get the 18K for it.

OK. I think this is absolutely fantastic, for both the players, and for the game.

The person who buys the token for cash most likely has a lot of cash, and not much gold, and he'll be really happy.

The person who buys for the token for gold most likely has a lot of gold, and not much cash (or doesn't want to pay, or wants to finance a second account), and he'll be really happy.

The person who doesn't use this feature should be happy, because although they aren't directly affected, there should be more people playing the game, and the game should be in a healthier state.

And Blizzard will be happy, because they will get slightly more for 30 days game time than a sub, have a healthier game, with more people playing it.

It's a Win/Win/Win/Win.

I'll be using this feature, and will be buying tokens with gold. I will finance two accounts using tokens.

Can't wait.

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