Friday, March 27, 2015

Birthday Tales


It was my Birthday yesterday. I turned 55.

I took the day off work and got to play WoW and catch up on some TV I had on the DVR. I watched Broadchurch and the Premier League Highlights from last weekend.

In WoW, I played Stealthybrit all through Spires of Arak, into Nagrand, did Skyreach and got to 100.

So, that's 12 100s now. Leveling is complete for my Master Plan. I will no longer do any leveling until the Master Plan is complete.

We went to the Movies last night and saw The 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I was underwhelmed and wouldn't recommend it. No where near as good as the original.

That's all folks, back to regular programming on Monday.



  1. You snuck in another post! Well I wished you a Happy You Day in game, but I shall do it here (belatedly) as well. Shame that the film wasn't what your were hoping, but I hope you enjoyed your evening out with Mrs. Lanky.