Monday, April 10, 2017

Leveling and DMF!


Lots of leveling going on, and of course DMF was active during the past week.

First off though, let's talk about gold and Tokens. I bought two tokens in the last week. One for my main account, and one for my 2nd account (to get Garrosh characters in the guild, because my friend who usually helps me with that isn't playing any more). So, that was about 197K for those tokens.

Meanwhile I have a base of 3,629,454 on Ghostlands. I have a base of 5x500K + 6x2K on Draenor/Echo Isles, and a base of 2x2K and 2K on Garrosh => 2,518,000 there.

That's a base of 6,147,454.

There are 3 characters I'm funding right now. Insanebrit, Priestybrit, and Unstablebrit. BTW, the tokens were taken from Priestybrit and Unstablebrit.

Insanebrit: 229,500
Priestybrit: 133,823
Unstablebrit: 411,857

That's 775,170.

This gives a grand total of 6,922,624. Wow. Even with 2 Tokens, I'm still close to 7 million. I still haven't soloed old Raids either.

So, let's get to leveling and DMF. I did take a few characters into Azsuna to get their professions opened up to 800, and so they'd get benefit out of it. I didn't bother doing DMF on any Draenor or Echo Isles characters this time round. They'd get no benefit from it. All Silver Hand and Garrosh characters did it. I made sure to get Shammybrit and Platebrit to 75 in all professions before DMF.

As to leveling, I'm leveling Stabbybrit and Derangedbrit (two Rogues) because they need to get to 100 to open all the baleful gear. I've also been leveling Shammybrit on Garrosh, and Crazybrit a bit on Silver Hand. 

Oh, I did do the Broken Shores stuff on Insanebrit, but didn't like it much. I know I need to do more of it for flying, but I'm really not inclined to do any Legion stuff right now. Lavabrit did do Timewalking this week and geared up a lot.

couple of gold making things of note. I unlocked the Obliterum forge on my 2 110s, and sold the single Obliterum you get from the first quest. Also, I've been flipping tons of Card of Omens, and actually got two 6k ones (on the same day!!).

Note, I won't be listing the Ghostland characters any more, because I'm not playing Horde at all.

Silver Hand:

Insanebrit (110) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 800/Tailoring 741) - iLvL 837

Lavabrit (110) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 761/Jewlcrafting 731) - iLvL 829
Crazybrit (94) - Gnome/Hunter (Skinning 618/Leatherworking 282)
Looneybrit (62) - Human/Warrior (Mining 321/Blacksmithing 310) 
Loopybrit (104) - Human/Death Knight (Herbalism 714/Alchemy 710) - iLvL 698
Mentalbrit (62) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism 356/Enchanting 103)
Derangedbrit (81) - Human/Rogue (Herbalism 474/Inscription 445)
Madbrit (63) - Human/Monk (Mining 321/Engineering 315)
Lunaticbrit (62) - Human/Mage (Tailoring 95/Enchanting 105)
Dementedbrit (62) - Human/Paladin (Mining 310/Blacksmithing 103)
Battybrit (68) - Human/Hunter (Skinning 419/Leatherworking 90)
Maniacbrit (36) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 136/Alchemy 85)


Priestybrit (101) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 706/Tailoring 705) - iLvl 708
Draenybrit (100) - Draenei/Hunter (Mining 709/Jewelcrafting 715) - iLvl 702 

Stabbybrit (93) - Gnome/Rogue (Skinning 614/Leatherworking 161) 
Shammybrit (34) - Draenei/Shaman (Herbalism 150/Alchemy 85)

Platebrit (26) - Gnome/Warrior (Herbalism 91/Inscription 80) 


Flayingbrit (101) - Human/Priest (Herbalism 704/Alchemy 700) - iLvl 697
Draenybrit (100) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining 700/Blacksmithing 700) - iLvl 683
Gnomeybrit (100) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring 700/Enchanting 700) - iLvl 700
Flictionbrit (100) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining 700/Engineering 715) - iLvl 682
Fengsuibrit (100) - Pandaren/Hunter (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700) - iLvl 689
Blizzybrit (100) - Draenei/Mage (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 710- iLvl 678
Boomybrit (100) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism 700/Inscription 700) - iLvl 678
Unstablebrit (100) - Human/Warlock (Herbalim 700/Enchanting 700- iLvl 676
Pallybrit (100) - Human/Paladin (Blacksmithing 700/Tailoring 700) - iLvl 690
Bamboodbrit (100) - Pandaren/Priest (Herbalism 700/Alchemy 700) - iLvl 679

Echo Isles:

Shaolinbrit (100) - Pandaren/Monk (Mining 700/Jewelcrafting 700) - iLvl 676
Slealthybrit (100) - Pandaren/Rogue (Skinning 700/Leatherworking 700) - iLvl 676

That's it. I need to get more 100s to get more base gold, and to unlock more baleful gear. It's so easy to make gold, but I might start soloing old Raids just for the fun of it.


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