Monday, March 13, 2017

I'm back!


Yes, I'm back playing WoW. I still don't think they've fixed the loading time issues, but I don't have that on my Laptop.

So, it's a test of sorts. I had to give up 93K for a token. So I'm going to see if I can make at least 90K in a month.

I'm starting on my Garrosh characters. I have two at 100 and one at 90. I just put the first 100 though the Broken Isles scenario, and she also put tons of Draenor stuff on the AH. I realize my 2nd 100 is a 100 with a Stable, so I'll make sure to trap beasts for more Savage Blood.

I also started a new character, which will be a Herbalism/Alchemist. I'd deleted a lot of characters on Garrosh, but I'll just start again, no problem.

The plan for next week is of course to make at least 22.5K :)


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