Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Pre-Patch is here!


I just thought I'd make a special mid-week post to give you my thoughts on the pre-patch.

If you don't know, 7.0.3 was released yesterday, that included all the stuff from Legions, except for Demon Hunters, the Broken Shores continent, Artifact Weapons, and leveling past 100.

So, we got all the class changes, the wardrobe, all the UI improvements etc.

So, I logged in when I got home, and after it loaded the patch, it played a cinematic for Legion. This was extremely well done, and a very good cinematic indeed. Varian and Sylvannas against the Legion. Awesome stuff.

The first thing was to check all the Garrison missions, to confirm fears that gold missions in progress would change (even though they completed before the patch), to give GRs instead. It was pretty difficult and time consuming doing all the garrison missions and shipyards, because Masterplan hadn't been updated. It's the only addon I use. Anyway, it was right, all the gold missions gave GRs instead, and no more gold missions. Crates of salvage just give GRs too. Follower items got nerfed to vendor for 5c too. There are really no gold making opportunities for Garrison any more.

Except for - Hexweave Bags, and Savage Blood. I firmly believe that Hexweave Bags will go up in price as there is no bigger bag in Legion. Also, Savage Blood can still be used to buy the Bloody Gold Purse (giving about 50g each). To this end, I decided to keep doing Garrison and Shipyard mission on my 2 Tailors on Draenor, my 2 Tailors on Ghostlands, and my Tailor on Garrosh. The missions will give GRs (to buy Sumptuous Fur with), Primal Spirits, Sorcerous stuff (either Earth, or xmute to Earth). We'll see if this is all a good investment or not.

Other than that, I'm still doing Imperial Silk for Royal Satchels on my Priest on Ghostlands, so I got her talents sorted out (mostly passive ones) and headed for Timeless Isle. There were so many people there. She did manage to get quite a bit of Windwool Cloth though.

I then did Kazzak on my Priest on Garrosh. It went fairly well, but seemed to take longer than previously, but she got a 725 cloak drop (shame I already had a 721 2/2 one :)). but, an upgrade is an upgrade.

I don't mind the changes to Shadow Priest at all. The rotation is mostly the same, and it still feels fairly intuitive.

This morning, I sent my Garrosh Hunter to Nagrand to trap elite Riverbeasts. It was a bit of a shock. I was getting the down to half health fairly quickly, but my poor wolf was taking lots of damage. I had to use Mend Pet a lot! Not so keen on the BM Hunter changes, but I can live with them.

Other than that, I've done a bit of Thorium mining on my level 60 Pally. She's up around 265 now, and just needs to get to 275 before she's ready to hit Outland.

The new professions panel is great. The nameplates take getting used to. Haven't looked at the wardrobe at all. Sparkles on items, and glows on the ground of mobs for quests look really good.

It's a big patch and will take a lot of getting used to. I'll have to figure out other ways to make gold (I'll let you know about those on Monday), but will have more time for leveling and playing my 100s, now that garrison stuff won't take as long.


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