Friday, May 8, 2015

Making it Harder for the Horde


Something I've been thing about. Instead of doing the Master Plan for the Horde, much the same as I did it for Alliance, I'm thinking of ramping it up, considerably. For example, instead of 1M gold on the main character, how about 1M gold on EACH character?

Here are some other ideas.

Instead of 10 followers each at 670, how about 25 followers each at 675?

Instead of 100 Guild Achieve Points, how about 200?

Instead of gearing up to 650, how about gearing up to 675?

Instead of getting all Secondary Profs on my main character to 700, how about getting all Secondary Profs on EACH character to 700?

Can't do much about Leveling, or main Professions. Crafted gear will be 3 items of 6/6 on each. The Completing Draenor on each, and getting 5 Reps to Exalted will already be ramped up enough.

Thinking this will all keep me busy until the next Expansion :)


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