Monday, February 3, 2014

Chapter II Completed


Alliance (Brits United lvl 25) on Draenor:

Flayingbrit (90) - Human/Priest (Herbalism/Alchemy) - iLvL 543
Draenybrit (90) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining/Blacksmithing) - iLvL 517
Blizzybrit (90) - Draenei/Mage (Mining/Jewelcrafting) - iLvL 493
Flictionbrit (90) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining/Engineering) - iLvL 497
Fengsuibrit (90) - Pandaren/Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking) - iLvL 520
Gnomeybrit (90) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting) - iLvl 531
Boomybrit (90) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism/Inscription) - iLvL 491
Pallybrit (90) - Human/Paladin (Mining/Tailoring) - iLvL 499
Raidbrit (10) - Doesn't matter

Alliance (Brits United lvl 8) on Venture Co:

Unstablebrit (87) - Human/Warlock (Mining/Skinning)
Elfybrit (60) - Night Elf/Priest (Herbalism/Mining)
Shadybrit (60) - Draenei/Priest (Herbalism/Mining)
Smashbrit (29) - Pandaren/Warrior (None)
Shamwowbrit (31) - Pandaren/Shaman (None)
Dwarfybrit (30) - Dwarf/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting)
Shaolinbrit (21) - Pandaren/Monk (None)
Bamboodbrit (57) - Pandaren/Priest (None)
Frostybrit (11) - Pandaren/Mage (None)
Totembrit (9) - Dwarf/Shaman (Herbalism/Inscription)

Horde (Britannia lvl 5) on Ravenholdt:

Priestybrit (39) - Undead/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting)
Gobbybrit (25) - Goblin/Warlock (Herbalism/Alchemy)
Cuteybrit (24) - Blood Elf/Priest (Mining/Blacksmithing)
Herbybrit (29) - Tauren/Druid (Herbalim/Inscription)
Shammybrit (23) - Troll/Shaman (Mining/Engineering)
Beastybrit (24) - Blood Elf/Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking)
Fuzzybrit (27) - Pandaren/Mage (Mining/Jewelcrafting)
Powerbrit (23) - Pandaren/Priest (Mining/Skinning)

Chapter II of the legendary quest chain is in the bag. Oh boy, was that horrible. Flaying got the quests to win one battle in each of the two MoP Battlegrounds. I pretty much hate PvP, but what the heck, it was required. So, into the Temple I go. We breeze through it and win first time. Now for Silvershard Mines. I get in, and we get absolutely stomped all over and lose. OK, 1-1, not too bad. That was the end of the first night of trying. The next day, I was queuing and queuing and losing and losing. I started with an 0-9 run and was really starting to hate that place. We only came close once, but close doesn't count. Well, the next run we got out to an early lead and were getting more carts and always slightly in the lead. We got to 1599 and thought it was in the bag, but it started going backward! Well, taking another cart did the job, and I finally won. 1-10 for Silvershard Mines. I think that's made up my mind never to do the Legendary cloak on another Alliance toon :)

Flaying also got Warlord Bloodhilt killed, after asking around and someone came and helped. So, Chapter II complete. Now she needs to get back into LFR for the next phase.

What else? Well, Flaying did Timeless Isle too, and capped Valor on Friday. I also played Draeny and Fliction this week, on Timeless Isle. Draeny got to 50K coins and bought a burden, and got one to drop too. I think that's the plan now. Not to gamble with the coins, but save up on each toon for 50K, and get a trinket or burden. I want to eventually run Draeny, Gnomey and Fliction in LFR too. So, they're the ones I'm concentrating on. I realize with Flaying that I've got the max gear I can get while just doing LFR. She's missing the Helm token, and the legendary cloak, but without doing Flex, that's about it for this expansion.

Still doing stuff on 7 toons on the farm, but that's going to stop once all the 553 gear has been made. For example, once Draeny has 30 Lightning Steel for the 502 sword for Pally, she will stop with the farm. Same for Gnomey and Pally, once they have done the 553 Legs for Fliction and Blizzy. They'll continue a little bit to keep making Imperial Silk for Royal Satchels, but that's about it. Fengsui will continue the longest, as herself, Draeny, and Boomy still need some 553 gear.

BTW: Pally did the August Celestial quests most days, and is now only one day from getting the Royal Satchel pattern.

So, do I miss leveling? Not much to be honest. I toyed with the idea of playing Horde again, because that doesn't cost anything, and maybe Ravenholdt will be OK on Timeless Isle for Horde.

Anyway, Achievements have gone up to 4510,. with the latest two being Silvershard Mines Victory :) and Chapter II, Wrathion's War.

The plan for next week is to have Flaying do LFR and cap valor, and have Draeny, Fliction, and Gnomey on Timeless Isle, trying for burdens, getting valor and working towards 50K coins and Honored with Shaohao if they aren't yet. Also for Pally to finally get Exalted with August Celestials.


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