Monday, January 20, 2014

3 days to cap Valor


Alliance (Brits United lvl 25) on Draenor:

Flayingbrit (90) - Human/Priest (Herbalism/Alchemy) - iLvL 542
Draenybrit (90) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining/Blacksmithing) - iLvL 504
Blizzybrit (90) - Draenei/Mage (Mining/Jewelcrafting) - iLvL 484
Flictionbrit (90) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining/Engineering) - iLvL 481
Fengsuibrit (90) - Pandaren/Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking) - iLvL 516
Gnomeybrit (90) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting) - iLvl 524
Boomybrit (90) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism/Inscription) - iLvL 491
Pallybrit (90) - Human/Paladin (Mining/Tailoring) - iLvL 499
Raidbrit (10) - Doesn't matter

Alliance (Brits United lvl 7) on Venture Co:

Unstablebrit (87) - Human/Warlock (Mining/Skinning)
Elfybrit (60) - Night Elf/Priest (Herbalism/Mining)
Shadybrit (60) - Draenei/Priest (Herbalism/Mining)
Smashbrit (29) - Pandaren/Warrior (None)
Shamwowbrit (31) - Pandaren/Shaman (None)
Dwarfybrit (30) - Dwarf/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting)
Shaolinbrit (21) - Pandaren/Monk (None)
Bamboodbrit (47) - Pandaren/Priest (None)
Frostybrit (11) - Pandaren/Mage (None) 
Totembrit (9) - Dwarf/Shaman (Herbalism/Inscription)

Horde (Britannia lvl 5) on Ravenholdt:

Priestybrit (39) - Undead/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting)
Gobbybrit (25) - Goblin/Warlock (Herbalism/Alchemy)
Cuteybrit (24) - Blood Elf/Priest (Mining/Blacksmithing)
Herbybrit (29) - Tauren/Druid (Herbalim/Inscription)
Shammybrit (23) - Troll/Shaman (Mining/Engineering)
Beastybrit (24) - Blood Elf/Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking)
Fuzzybrit (27) - Pandaren/Mage (Mining/Jewelcrafting)
Powerbrit (23) - Pandaren/Priest (Mining/Skinning)

So, Flaying needs to get 300 Valor for the Cape quest. That means capping valor every week. Well, it only took 3 days to cap Valor. Scenario 50, TI Daily 20, Heroic Dungeon 80, TI weekly 200. Also did one LFR wing for 90 and one Heroic Scenario for ?? (I forget). So, you can do it in 3 days if you try. This also gives Valor of the Ancients buff which means all other toons get +50% valor. Sweet. As you can see, quite a few item level upgrades this week because of all this. I'm especially  getting Draeny up there next, after Flaying. Flaying also went to the Isle of Thunder, to get Revered with the Black Prince. Grinding the statue mobs there got it done really quickly.

Apart from the high level play, I've been leveling up Bambood. Really quick with all the Heirlooms and not having to worry about professions. Quest Quest Quest, and she's in Badlands already. I also started up another Dwarf, because I'm realizing that glyphs would be really nice to have while leveling.

BTW: You'll notice that I don't have a Pandaren Rogue. I'm saving that for the boost to 90 you get when you pre-order Warlords of Draenor. I'm presuming you can boost Pandaren, but not absolutely sure.

That was pretty much it for this week, along with the normal farming at Halfhill.

The Alliance guild is now level 7 and 87%. Achievements have gone up to 4345, with the last two being Fancy Footwork, and Fight Anger with Anger (from one scenario lol).

The plan for next week is to continue capping valor and playing some high level, along with leveling Bmbood, Totem, and the the others.


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