Monday, November 11, 2013

Blizzcon baby!


Yep, I actually got to go to Blizzcon this year. I drove down on Thursday, and after battling with LA traffic, I got to the Hotel about 4pm. I went to get my ticket around 5pm, and there was a massive line. I stood in line for about one and a half hours before getting my ticket. Off to a bar for some pizza and beer before heading back to the hotel, and playing a bit of WoW.

Friday was the big day. We all got to the Center way ahead of time, and they let us in about 2 hours before the first WoW announcements. When I got a seat, there was an hour and a half before it started. Sat next to a really nice young couple from Tuscon, and we chatted, making the time fly by.

Then came the announcements. My gosh, Chris Metzen is absolutely excellent. The way he announced what was going on in Warlords of Draenor was brilliant. BTW, I'm not going to go into all the details, you can see them on the wow forums, or wowhead.

For the rest of the day, and the next day, I went to whatever WoW panels were on, and also managed to play the first zone of the expansion (Shadowmoom Valley, as Alliance). It was really fun, but I died a couple of times though it. Then I did it again and didn't die at all. I'll be ready once it ships :)

I had a blast at the convention, and even managed to get a bit of WoW play time at the Hotel room.


Alliance (Brits United):

Flayingbrit (90) - Human/Priest (Herbalism/Alchemy) - iLvL 514
Draenybrit (90) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining/Blacksmithing) - iLvL 470
Gnomeybrit (90) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting) - iLvl 495
Blizzybrit (90) - Draenei/Mage (Mining/Jewelcrafting) - iLvL 452
Flictionbrit (87) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining/Engineering)
Boomybrit (86) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism/Inscription)
Fengsuibrit (86) - Panderan/Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking)
Unstablebrit (71) - Human/Warlock (Mining/Skinning)
Elfybrit (60) - Night Elf/Priest (Herbalism/Mining)
Shadybrit (60) - Draenei/Priest (Herbalism/Mining)
Pallybrit (64) - Human/Paladin (Mining/Tailoring)

Horde (Britannia):

Priestybrit (38) - Undead/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting)
Gobbybrit (25) - Goblin/Warlock (Herbalism/Alchemy)
Cuteybrit (24) - Blood Elf/Priest (Mining/Blacksmithing)
Herbybrit (24) - Tauren/Druid (Herbalim/Inscription)
Shammybrit (23) - Troll/Shaman (Mining/Engineering)
Beastybrit (24) - Blood Elf/Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking)
Fuzzybrit (25) - Panderan/Mage (Mining/Jewelcrafting)
Powerbrit (23) - Panderan/Priest (Mining/Skinning)

Most of my time was spent on Fengsui this week. Getting LW past 450 and trying to get to 500. She's also started on the Hyjal Daily quests, to get the Mining bag pattern. She's also part way through Jade Forest, and is having an easier time that pretty much any of my other toons. Unstable got a bit of play, but I gave up the idea of her helping out on Savage Leather. Too much leveling to do right now.

Pally also got a bit of play and zoomed up to level 64 with a few dungeons and quests in Zang. The Heirlooms are still making leveling go extremely fast. I think half of Nagrand and more dungeons and she'll be at 68.

A little bit of high level play, with Flaying heading over to Timeless Isle, and Gnomey continuing to grind August Celestials (for Royal Satchel pattern). She's Revered right now. She also got the 28 Celestial Cloth and made the 553 legs for Flaying.

Horde got some play with the DMF quests, and some of them actually leveled. Horde guild is now level 4 and 85%.

Achievements have crept up to 3890, with Finish Them! and Greedy being the latest two (both accomplished by Gnomey).

The plan for next week is to level Fengsui to 90 and get LW to 600. Then work on Pally a bit (I love the idea of having another high level Tailor). We'll see how much high level stuff, and maybe even some Horde stuff, I squeeze in.

BTW: The realm transfer is on hold, until I see how all the realm connections shake out.


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