Monday, July 29, 2013

An Interesting Development


Flayingbrit (90) - Human/Priest (Herbalism/Alchemy) - iLvL 471
Draenybrit (85) - Draenei/Shaman (Mining/Blacksmithing)
Gnomeybrit (89) - Gnome/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting)
Blizzybrit (90) - Draenei/Mage (Mining/Jewelcrafting) - iLvL 437
Flictionbrit (64) - Gnome/Warlock (Mining/Engineering)
Boomybrit (70) - Night Elf/Druid (Herbalism/Inscription)
Fengsuibrit (39) - Panderan/Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking)
Unstablebrit (38) - Human/Warlock (Herbalism/Skinning)
Elfybrit (31) - Night Elf/Priest (Herbalism/Alchemy)
Shadybrit (31) - Draenei/Priest (Herbalism/Alchemy)

And.....this is the interesting development:

Priestybrit (11) - Undead/Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting)
Gobbybrit (12) - Goblin/Warlock (Herbalism/Alchemy)
Warlybrit (7) - Blood Elf/Warlock (Mining/Blacksmithing)
Herbybrit (5) - Tauren/Druid (Herbalim/Inscription)
Shammybrit (5) - Troll/Shaman (Mining/Engineering)
Beastybrit (5) - Blood Elf/Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking)


Fuzzybrit (8) - Panderan/Mage (Mining/Jewelcrafting)

Yep, I've started on the Horde side of things. I'll probably go slow on it, still playing the Alliance more, but I want to get all profs to 75 first for the upcoming DMF this coming Sunday. I realize I have two Warlocks, and only one Priest. What was I thinking :) So, obviously, quite a bit of time was spent on leveling these guys. The guild is all set up, and it's now level 1 and 68%.

In Alliance news:

Gnomey finally did the MF quests enough to get to the Moonwell vendor for the Luxurious Silk Gem Bag pattern. Phew. No more MF dailies now.

Boomy and Fliction got quite a bit of play. Boomy is now in Northrend, and Fliction has just made it into Nagrand. Fengsui and Unstable have both made it through Cape of Stranglehorn, and are now in WPL. Elfy and Shady said goodbye to Duskwood and Northern Stranglehorn. It's kind of sad to think I won't be questing there for a long long time.

The guild is still coming along nicely, although slowed somewhat by the playing of the Horde toons. It's now level 19 and 1%. Only 6 levels to go :)

Achievements have barely budged. I'm now at 2865, with the only new achievement being Shattered Halls.

For this coming week, I won't be playing as much, because I will be away on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. However, the goals will be to get all the Horde guys profs up to 75 and then do DMF, and continue to level the Alliance that are < 85.


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